Pantai Seri Tujuh @ Kelantan

6 02 2011

Pantai Seri Tujuh which lies on the border of Kelantan and Thailand is a popular destination among tourists. While the beach isn’t as pristine as it should be, I spotted this little lake which provides a nice landscape to shoot.

Tea Plantation @ Bandung

11 10 2010

The lush fields of tea plantation is a common sight in the countryside of Bandung. On the way down from the White Crater, we could see the endless valleys of tea plantation which provides a picture-postcard like scenery.

Sindang Reret @ Bandung #2

11 10 2010

Here’s another view of Sindang Reret with a fish pond underneath the eating area. Visitors are allowed to feed the Koi fishes with white rice after their meal. This place is quite popular among tourists for its nature-like experience when dining in their restaurant.

Sindang Reret @ Bandung

10 10 2010

Located at the province of Ciwidey, Sindang Reret is a restaurant situated next to the lush green paddy field. This provides a grand view of the  landscape with a terrace hill on the far end. The beauty of nature certainly has no bounds.

Kawah Puteh @ Bandung

8 10 2010

A visit to Bandung won’t be complete without stopping by the Kawah Puteh (White Crater). Located on the southern part of Bandung, this place is apparently quite popular among wedding photographers. When we were approaching the crater, the smell of sulfur was evidently strong. From what I understand, the surface is filled with rocks and white sand which in turn made the water looks milky white (hence its name). In addition to the thick mist, the entire landscape was truly a sight to behold.

Sapulidi @ Bandung #2

7 10 2010

The inspiring beauty of Bandung never ceases to amaze me. While walking around Sapulidi, I spotted this old bicycle next to the wooden door. When I was a little boy, I used to cycle on these type of bicycle and even fell down once as my legs weren’t long enough to reach the ground. Seeing the bicycle certainly evokes memories of my childhood days.

Sapulidi @ Bandung

5 10 2010

My trip to Bandung has been very rewarding. The beautiful landscape in this highland area provided many opportunities for me to take some scenic pictures. Here is a shot of the river side at Sapulidi restaurant which was built on a paddy field.

I-City @ Shah Alam

26 03 2010

A few weeks back, my colleague suggested going to I-City in Shah Alam for some night shooting. Apparently, the place is decorated with colourful LED lights which makes the whole area illuminated with colours at night.

Located near to Padang Jawa, the place isn’t hard to find. Just drive along Federal Highway and keep a lookout for the directional sign.

Once we were there, my first impression was “Wow… This place is really colourful!”

It was quite impressive especially with big tall colourful trees surrounding the whole walkway.

However, they are not real trees. Instead, it is made from plastics with LED lights attached to it.

But it was not easy to take pictures there. Maybe my poor photographing skills make most of pictures look bland. In the end, I came up with the idea of doing some creative shots instead. I turn down my shutter speed and took some interesting abstract shots.

Thean Hou Temple @ Kuala Lumpur

22 02 2010

I woke up early last Friday and make a trip down to Thien Hou Temple at Taman Seputeh. Since I wanted to do some prayers, I thought it would be nice to take my camera long to take shoot some pictures of the place. Too bad I didn’t manage to snap much pictures as the crowd started to pour in soon after.

Thean Hou Temple
65 Persiaran Endah, Off Jalan Syed Putra
50460 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2274 7088
Fax: 03-2260 1623

Kampung Batu Laut

21 12 2009

I often come across comments that my blog is mostly filled with food pictures. This is undoubtedly true as I usually don’t get to shoot anything much except pictures of my lunch or dinner. A few days back, I tried taking some landscape shots for a change. My journey to Morib started before dawn as it was quite a distance away from where I am staying. Along the rural road leading to the beach, the morning daylight cast a golden hue across the misty backdrop.

I got lost along the way and actually drove past the beach. We stopped by at Kampung Batu Laut which is located along the shoreline of Klang and around 3km from Morib Beach.

There were some fishing boats and villagers chatting as we walked around the place. Here is another picture of the area before I drove back to Morib Beach again.

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