MSS 2011 Day 1: The Tropical Sweetness of Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa

9 10 2011

Right after the press conference, we were all hyped up as we make our way to Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa. Golden Palm Tree is one of the most expensive luxury resort in Malaysia and we were truly lucky to be able to stay there for for free! We were told that bloggers will be staying at the Canary Palm Villas which costs RM 1,620 per night! To find out more about the prices of the rooms, click here.

When we arrived, we were ushered to Sepoi Sepoi Cafe which is a restaurant located near to the main entrance of the resort. Food were definitely tasty though the price was slightly on the higher side. However, the portion was really huge and is worth every Ringgit paid.

Sepoi Sepoi Cafe is opened from 10:00 a.m. till 10:30 p.m. (Mon – Fri) and 9:00 a.m. till 10:30 p.m. on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

After the dinner, all the bloggers were briefed on the room arrangements and the itinerary for the next day.

Speaking about the room, it was certainly a pleasant surprise. From the unique architectural Maldives inspired design right down to the room decoration, everything exudes the tropical charm of living besides a beautiful beach.

We stayed in the Canary Palm Villa which boasts 82 sqm of floor space raised on stilts.

The room was huge and divided into three sections. The center area is the common area where there is a LCD TV for movies, music on demand and information on Golden Palm Tree Resort mounted onto the side of the wall.

There are two huge rooms besides the common area with built in cabinets, bathrooms and a ceiling fan.

The bed was very comfortable with to sleep on. They even provide extra pillows for people who love to hug them to sleep.

For photographers like me, it was a good thing that they had a long wooden table where I could place my camera gears rather than putting it on the floor. In fact, the table was long enough for me to use my laptop as well since there are two plug points conveniently located underneath the tables.

The Internet connection was really fast but there was a catch. Since there was no WiFi coverage in my room, I had to plug the network cable into my laptop to surf the Internet. Ah… small price to pay for speedy connection!

It is interesting to note that Golden Palm Tree Resort won the Best Interior Design Award for its Ivory Palm Villas and Best Property Award for its Water Villas under the Asia Pacific Property Awards in the year 2008.

Here’s a comprehensive list of amenities available at the villa:-

  • Flat Screen TV
  • Multiple Satellite Channels
  • Mini Bar
  • 24 hour in room dining
  • Electronic Safe
  • Hair Dryer
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Air Conditioning
  • Day Bed
  • Bathroom Amenities
  • Coffee and Tea making facilities
  • IDD Telephone and voice mail
  • High speed broadban Internet (wired in Villas & WiFi in public areas)
  • “Select TV” Video-on-Demand Library
  • Working Desk
  • Private sea view balconies with chairs and table

Check in time: 3:00 p.m.

Check out time: 12:00 p.m.

Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa Sdn. Bhd.
No. 67, Jalan Pantai Bagan Lalang
Kg. Bagan Lalang
43950 Sungai Pelek
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: +603 3182 3600
Fax: +603 3182 3700



Heritage Village @ Aman Suria

31 05 2011

Last Saturday I decided to make a trip to Aman Suria in search of the famous Nasi Lemak King at Heritage Village. Apparently, this place has received rave reviews and I decided that it is time for me to check it out.

What was initially a trip to explore the Nasi Lemak turns out to be a surprise when the ABC (Air Batu Campur) at Heritage Village fared so much better than the overrated Nasi Lemak. Hence, I have decided to write about the ABC instead which was served with red syrup, evaporated milk, flavoured peanuts, nata de coco, kidney beans and green jelly filling up the huge mountain of shaved ice in a metal bowl.

The flavor was certainly ‘pleasant’. Not rich, nor was it too bland. It was a fine mixture of both milk and syrup to produce a taste which is just right. While this is not the best ABC I have tasted, it was certainly good in my honest opinion.

For RM 5.50 a bowl, it wasn’t the cheapest ABC that I have tried. We have also opted not to have the scoop of ice-cream (which is how the ABC is served according to its menu). But the huge portion, mouth-watering bowl of dessert do sort of justified the price.

Heritage Village
D-G-3L, PJU 1/45
Aman Suria
47301 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Location Map

La Cucur @ Suria KLCC

12 03 2011

One early morning, I was walking around Suria KLCC looking for a nice breakfast meal. That is when I stumbled across La Cucur which is  located at the concourse level of the shopping mall. As far as I know, La Cucur has been around for a long time and has build quite a steady reputation over the years. I ordered their nasi lemak chicken which costs RM 8.50 per plate. The dish came with roasted peanuts, anchovies as well as sambal.

The sambal has a bit of sourish tangy taste to it. Personally, I prefer sambal to have a slight sweet spicy taste but that is just my own preference.

The rice must also be firm and not sticky. The one at La Cucur was not too bad though I have tasted a better version at Village Park, Damansara Uptown. The highlight of the dish was the chicken rendang.

The chicken meat was tender and cooked with sufficient spices and other condiments.

If only the sambal and the rice was prepared to my liking I would definitely give this place a thumbs up.

La Cucur
Suria KLCC
Concourse Level
Ramlee Mall (C33)
Jalan Ampang
50088 Kuala Lumpur

Location Map

Daiki Cafe @ Subang Jaya

26 12 2010

In today’s trend where nice dining ambiance means expensive food prices, Daiki Cafe certainly came as a surprise. Not only the food were great, the cafe was nicely done up to provide a comfortable eating experience. And to top it up, the  food prices were very reasonable which makes Daiki Cafe a worthwhile place to go.

The Nasi Lemak (RM 8.60) is definitely on the recommended list. Although it was not as good as Village Park, the taste does warrant two thumbs up. The rice were rich with ‘santan’ fragrant while the deep fried chicken has it own distinctive taste.

Sambal, ‘ikan bilis’, boiled egg all adds up to the delicious plate of Nasi Lemak!

It is so difficult to find good half boiled egg around. Most of them are either too ‘watery’ while some are overly cooked. The ones at Daiki Cafe (RM 2.00) were excellent. The eggs came perfectly half boiled!

I came to this place twice and I can vouch that it was no mere chance that I had great half boiled eggs twice.

For those who are rather health conscious, it is interesting to note that Daiki Cafe uses Omega + eggs.

I also love the Jawa Mee (RM 5.90). It was actually recommenced by a colleague of mine when I first ate at this place.

Ever since that visit, I fondly remember the taste of the noodles.

The gravy managed to hit the right note in terms of its spiciness. Really appetizing stuff.

If you are looking for good food with great prices, then Daiki Cafe would fit the bill nicely. A word of caution though. Although parking was a breeze during weekends although it can be quite hard to find a place to park during weekdays.

Daiki Cafe (Opposite Subang Avenue)
No. 143, Jalan SS 15/5A
47500 Subang Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Location Map

Warung Rindu @ Bukit Angkasa

17 07 2010

I heard from my colleague that there is this particular stall at Pantai Dalam commuter station called ‘Warung Rindu’. Rindu is a Malay word for ‘yearning or longing’ and since Warung Rindu is famous for their nasi lemak, customers will apparently yearn for the nasi lemak when they can’t have it.

Since it sounded quite appealing to me, I decided to bring my iPhone to locate the stall using its Google Map function. After a handful of wrong turnings and Internet browsing while on the road, I managed to find the stall at Jalan Bukit Angkasa which is a stone throw away from the commuter station.

Sure enough, the stall does look pretty interesting with rows of nasi lemak bungkus lining up at the front counter. The chicken were also being fried when I ordered my plate of nasi lemak. Having heard so many good things about it, I was waiting in anticipation to taste it.

The dish (RM 4.50) came with a drumstick, fried egg and sambal.

Firstly, the chicken wasn’t really that great. After hearing so much about Warung Rindu, I was surprise to find out that their chicken was only average at best.

It didn’t have enough ‘rempah’ taste as I would expect from a stall like this.

The sambal wasn’t spicy at all. As a matter of fact, there was a tinge of sweetness in it which is not a bad thing. But I find it lacking of the ‘kick’ that I would prefer in a good dollop of sambal. Overall, I wasn’t impress with the meal at all.

The satay stall which is located next to Warung Rindu fared much better.

The chicken meat (RM 0.50 per stick) was sweet and tasted quite alright. Some prefer the skewered meat to have a bit more fats in them but I prefer mine without it.

And at such, the satay suits my preference.

The kuah satay unfortunately was only average. If they had added more crunch peanut in it, I am sure it would have tasted better.

After asking my colleague again, I was told that the original Warung Rindu is located at the turning off the main road of Pantai Dalam commuter station. Sigh…!

Warung Rindu
Jalan 1/112A
Taman Bukit Angkasa
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Location Map

Nasi Lemak @ Village Park Restaurant

7 06 2010

The quest for the best nasi lemak has brought me to numerous places to sample this local delicacies. From the Mamak’s version of  ‘Nasi Lemak Bungkus’ to Malay’s Nasi Lemak Kukus, this dish has become a common staple among Malaysians. But when it comes to choosing the best ever nasi lemak, it can be quite hard to pick one. Ask anyone out there and they would probably have their own favourite list of Nasi Lemak stalls.

However, a quick search on the Internet reveals that Village Park @ Damansara Uptown serves one of the best ever nasi lemak around town. Being rather curious, I took a drive down to Damansara Utama last two weeks to check it out myself.  It was quite hard to locate this place as I initially thought it was somewhere within the central area of Damansara Uptown. Thanks to Google Map, I managed to locate this place (after a few wrong turns) which is just opposite of Bank Rakyat.

I was seated at a table along the walkway as the restaurant was already packed with customers by lunch hour. Despite so, the service was quite fast. The waiter recommended their Ayam Goreng Nasi Lemak (RM 7.00) which is their best seller by far.

The Ayam Goreng certainly looks appetizing. The skin was crispy and the texture indicates that it was deep fried using ‘rempah’ or spices. They were also generous to give the entire chicken thigh which normally would have costs a lot more at some other places.  The chicken was nicely fried till golden brown and very aromatic. The taste? Absolutely fantastic!

The sambal was not too spicy and tasted just right. The rice was also nicely steamed. Each grain of rice can be individually tasted inside the mouth and doesn’t end up like a big clump of rice. The lemak has a distinct aroma flavour.

Make no mistake. This is the best Nasi Lemak I have tasted. I would highly recommed this place for any Nasi Lemak lovers! Word of advice. Due to the popularity of this restaurant it is advisable to go there early to get a seat.

Too  bad I didn’t get a chance to take more pictures as I heard that the restaurant owners do not like photographers! In fact, no laptops are allowed as well as they do not want customers to sit down there while others are waiting for seats. On the side note, they had a picture of our former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahatir sitting on the same walkway having a plate of Nasi Lemak there too!

Village Park Restaurant
No. 5, Jalan SS21/37
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7710 7860

Location Map

Taste of Asia @ LCCT

6 03 2010

If you happened to be flying Air Asia via the LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) at Sepang, do stop by Taste of Asia restaraunt which is located at the entrance of the airport terminal. The food as the name suggest are mainly Asian dishes such as nasi lemak, bihun, curry laksa and so on.

I ordered the Nasi Lemak Sotong which costs around RM 10.

Although the price is not cheap (I can’t remember exactly how much it costs) but the taste is pretty alright.

It comes with fried anchovies, cucumber and also fried egg.

Low Cost Carrier Terminal
64000 Sepang

Nasi Lemak Kukus

20 11 2009

Nothing beats having a packet of nasi lemak for breakfast. And that was exactly what I had last week when my colleague surprised me with a packet of nasi lemak kukus (steam nasi lemak). There is even a sticker with the contact number of the seller in case you want to order more. How enterprising…

Anyway, what makes this packet of nasi lemak different from the usual nasi lemak bungkus is the extra piece of sambal chicken. Definitely a good way to satisfy a hungry stomach in the morning.

Delicious Nyonya @ Tropicana City Mall

16 11 2009

There was a new restaurant recently opened at Tropicana City Mall called Delicious Nyonya. It is apparently owned by the Tai Thong Group which has a whole range of other F&B outlets such as San Francisco Steakhouse, Royal Thai, Room Eighteen, Bad Ass Coffee and etc.


Nyonya cuisine is synonymous to delicious food since its history traces back to the days where early Chinese settlement from China weds local Malay folks. As a result, the first generation of mixed Chinese-Malays were known as Peranakan (male being known as Baba while female as Nyonya). Consequently, nyonya food is a fusion of the Malay and Chinese style cooking style.


I had high hopes when I walked into Delicious Nyonya that day for lunch with my colleagues. The restaurant is spacious and bright while the furnishing is reminicient of the Baba Nyonya style restaurant.

Food however was a mixed bag. I ordered the nasi lemak which was recommended by the waiter.


It was ok as far as the taste is concern. As usual, the dish came with some Acar and ikan bilis.


Oh apart from ala carte meals, they also sell Nyonya Kuih. Kuih Seri Muka is commonly seen everywhere.

This is called Kuih Ketayap which has coconut fillings wrapped with green pancake skin.


Pulut panggang is another crowd favourite.


The Asam Fish was a disappointment. My colleague told me that it tasted raw or uncooked. When we raised this up with the waiter, we were told that the fish that they used (ikan Tenggiri) has that natural smell / taste in them.


However, we didn’t buy the story and they promptly swapped it with Nyonya Curry Chicken. This one actually fared better and I like it although my colleague said that the ‘santan’ (coconut milk) taste was very heavy.


Similarly, the Nyonya Laksa shared the same comment.


Some of the food came with side dishes such as this small bowl of Acar and mixed vegetables.



As for dessert, they threw in a bowl of green bean dessert soup. I find it too sweet for my taste.


Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this place as I have tasted much better Peranakan food elsewhere. Perhaps, we were there on the wrong day when the food somehow weren’t that great.

Delicious Nyonya
Lot G-33A, Ground Floor, Tropicana City Mall,
No. 3, Jalan Ss20/27
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603-77222524

6 to 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak @ Petaling Jaya

26 10 2009

I have always wanted to blog about this place. Located just a stone throw away from my old house, 6 to 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak is a very famous eatery at Section 17, Petaling Jaya. During night time, the place is usually packed with customers.

Ever since it is opened many years ago, I have been frequently dining at this place. Their business hours were from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. (hence the name) but they have since catered to the lunch hours crowd as well.

To me, a good nasi lemak is determined by the santan or coconut milk rice, the accompanied dishes (sotong, beef, mutton or chicken) and of course the sambal.


6 to 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak has perfected their recipe and make one of the best tasting nasi lemak ever.

I chose their sambal cuttlefish last weekend and it tasted really good.


The sambal was not overly spicy which is a good thing as it doesn’t overpower the overall taste. Besides, I don’t like sambal that is too hot.


Beside Nasi Lemak, one must also try their western menu. We ordered the grill dory fish. The meat is soft with a tinge of wine taste to it.


The price ain’t expensive (I can’t remember how much it was but I think it is less than RM 15). The fries were nice and crispy.


And they gave a spoonful of mixed vegetables too.


Overall this is a good place to have delicious food. For your information, this restaurant was also featured in the popular eating show ‘Ho Chiak’.


6 to 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak
BG-1, Blk B, Happy Mansion
Jalan 17/13
46400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 012-6019976

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