Erica @ Putrajaya #2

6 01 2011

I really enjoyed my photoshoot session with Erica. When I was browsing through the pictures after the session, I told her that the photos turned out great. Erica has a natural flair to pose in front of the camera. Kudos to her for making the session truly memorable. Here are some of my favourite pictures taken that day.

Erica @ Putrajaya

4 01 2011

While browsing through the pictures that I took for my cousin, Erica, I spotted this particular one which caught my eye. Erica is really photogenic and it was easy to take her shots from any angle. More pictures to come…


Yoke Peng @ Putrajaya #2

4 01 2011

Here are the remaining pictures taken for Yoke Peng. I would like to thank her for being such a good sport throughout the entire photoshoot. Stay tuned for more pictures of Erica…

Yoke Peng @ Putrajaya

3 01 2011

Last weekend I had a chance to shoot Yoke Peng at Putrajaya. Luckily, the weather was nice that day which was a big relief for me. Here are some of the pictures taken.

Putrajaya Bridge

22 03 2010

The scenery at Putrajaya never fail to amaze me. This picture was taken a while back and I decided to post this up. It was my first time driving to this spot and admiring the unique architecture on the bridge near to the Putrajaya Convention Centre.


17 02 2010

Here are some shots I took at Putrajaya while bringing my cousin and his friend from US for a drive. It was around 7:00 p.m. when we reached the place. The sunset provided a nice lighting to shoot against the architecture there.


6 01 2010

Last weekend, I drove down to Putrajaya again for a photoshoot session. This time, my colleague who just bought this Canon 7D came along as he wanted to have a field test for his brand new toy. Here are some of the pictures that I took around the place.


29 12 2009

While looking at my files, I realised that I had forgotten to post some of the pictures I took at Putrajaya while doing the photoshoot last two weeks. Putrajaya is really a nice place to take landscape pictures. Too bad the skies weren’t that beautiful that day…

Amelia @ Putrajaya

21 12 2009

These are some pictures taken for Amelia last Sunday. It was totally an impromptu model shooting event as I didn’t expect my friend to bring her along when we were at Putrajaya for photoshoot.

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