Street artist @ Sunway Giza

15 07 2010

Right after my lunch session at Sunway Giza last weekend, I spotted a handful of people crowding around a street artist. Apparently, there was this cute little girl who was sitting patiently waiting for her portrait to be drawn. Her dad had to keep her entertained as she was eager to see how her pencil drawn portrait looks like.

Candid shot @ Changi Airport

6 05 2010

Amidst of the busy scene at Terminal 3 Changi Airport in Singapore last week, there was a spot near the lift which were relatively empty. I took this candid shot using a large aperture to blur out the background. I will post more pictures of Terminal 3 shortly…

Candid shot

28 01 2010

I took this candid shot while waiting for our food to arrive at Kei Kei Chicken Rice shop. It has been a while since I took pictures of my other half so here is my favourite one below.

Jump shots!

28 12 2009

Here are some crazy jump shots I took for my colleagues during last weekend shooting at Kuala Lumpur. Both Dion and Evelyn were nice enough to jump a few times for me to get these pictures. Haha…

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