My camera got stolen

18 03 2010

At around 9:45 a.m, while I was crossing the road to my car at Taman Desa (near to Faber Tower), a snatch thief wearing a red T-shirt riding a motorbike came from behind and took my camera along with him. It happened too quickly and I was caught by surprise. A chase on foot was in vain as he rode off quickly, but not before I took a glance at his black visor helmet. My full camera accessories went along with him which costs me RM 7,000.

Details of my camera and accessories are as follow:-

Body: Nikon D300 (Very new condition) S/N: 6065764


16-85mm lens F3.5 – 5.6 S/N: 22086480
50mm F1.8 S/N: 0937773

Filters (CPL) with adapter ring
Camera Battery
Memory Card:

1 pc 8GB Sandisk Ultra II CF card
2 pcs Kingston 4GB CF card


Giotto Air Blower

I don’t think I will be updating this blog often since I do not have a camera to take pictures.

Purchasing a new one is out of the question since I am still paying for the previous one via credit card.

To the bloody snatch thief who took my camera, I hope you end up in hell and die! You clearly do not have any conscience by taking other people belonging. Hope the bad karma will eventually come back to you in ten fold.

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