Micheal Jackson’s This Is It

8 11 2009

It was a surreal feeling watching Michael Jackson’s This Is It movie a few days ago. As I was walking into the cinema I expected to watch a documentary about his rehearsal for a big comeback concert in London. And that was probably it

But the minute Michael Jackson appeared on the screen, there was a sudden gulf of emotions overwhelming me. I nearly teared knowing that the King of Pop is no longer alive.

I enjoyed watching him dance and sing throughout the 2 hours documentary. From Smooth Criminal, Beat It, Black or White, Billie Jean, Micheal Jackson was dancing and singing effortlessly. If anyone thinks that his age has slowed him down, well, just watch him in this movie. He was in top form. And that is what makes it so hard to believe that he died all the sudden.


Overall, the movie is awesome. I can only imagine the magnitude of work involve in bringing this concert to live and the tremendous response from his fans. The props, synchronization of beats to his move, the fresh remix of his song and his dance moves, Michael Jackson is THE King of Pop.

Rest in peace, MJ…

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