Chee Kiong & Yan Wedding Day #2

27 09 2011

After an eventful day, I was expecting Chee Kiong & Yan’s wedding dinner to be a quieter affair. How wrong was I! The night was filled with even more colourful events such as live band music and numerous performances that kept the guests entertained. The groomsmen also gave a surprise performance by singing a song together on the stage. On this note, I would like to wish this lovely couple, my heartiest congratulations and many happy journeys ahead. Here are some of the pictures taken…

Chee Kiong & Yan Wedding Day #1

25 09 2011

It was truly an exciting day at Segamat last week when Chee Kiong and Yan finally tied the knot. The fun started when the groomsmen accompanies the groom to the bride’s ‘house’ and were tested by the bridesmaids on a series of challenges before the groom can meet the bride. There were certainly a lot of funny moments when the groomsmen had to play some games oganised by the the bridesmaids. I was surprised that their family members were so sporting and cheered along the way. Overall, it was really an exciting day for them and I am glad that I was their wedding photographer to witness this momentous day.

Chee Kiong & Yan Pre-Wedding Shoot

19 09 2011

When Chee Kiong and Yan first mooted about asking me to do a pre-wedding shoot for them, I was really excited. After all, it was my first time doing pre-wedding photography and I didn’t want to disappoint the couple. The day finally came when I traveled to Hulu Langat with them for a full day shoot back in the month of May. Being an inexperience photographer, it was certainly a good learning experience for me. Anyway, the couple requested me not  to put up their pre-wedding pictures until their wedding day was over as they wanted to keep the photos as a surprise for their family and friends.

On the side note, It was especially touching when I saw my photos being printed out on a full sized album for their remembrance. Here are some of the pictures taken for their pre-wedding. More pictures of their actual wedding day coming up next….

Shi Teng & Siew Mei Wedding

5 06 2011

A few months back, when I was told that there will be a wedding shoot in early June, I was totally clueless as to who the lucky couple was. That was until I arrived at Siew Mei’s house at 6:30 a.m. yesterday and started taking pictures of her wedding preparation. It was a super fun day, especially with the presence of bridesmaids and groomsmen trying to outwit each other during the morning wedding games. But the spotlight was definitely on the lovely couple as they waltz along the entire ceremony with such natural grace. Congratulations to Shi Teng and Siew Mei. It was a privilege for me to be part of your big wedding day.

Chee Kiong & Yan Pre-Wedding Shoot

8 05 2011

I had the privilege to do a pre-wedding shoot for Chee Kiong and Yan a few days ago. Both of them were really excited and I am very sure that they enjoyed the shoot as much as I did. I will never forget all those wonderful moments that we shared laughing together throughout the entire shoot.

Jacky & Lian Gek Wedding

22 02 2011

It is a privilege to witness Jacky and Lian Gek”s wedding. Seeing the mixture of emotions really makes me realise the significance of the entire event. Congratulations to the newly wed couple and may their future be embarked upon a beautiful journey of togetherness and love.

Edward & Jane Wedding #3

16 11 2010

And finally, here are the pictures taken during the dinner. I actually post process the pictures into monotone to get a classical feel of the event that night. Do drop a comment if you like it 🙂


Edward & Jane Wedding #2

15 11 2010

Here are some of the photos taken for Edward and Jane during their wedding last weekend. Jane was all smiles during the entire event while Edward shared a few lighter moments during the morning session. I was touched by their wedding and how they really love each other.

Edward & Jane Wedding

13 11 2010

It has been a very tiring weekend. I was asked to help a friend of mine to do a wedding shoot. With literally no experience at all, I brave myself and started photographing for this very lovely couple. Here is one of the shot taken for the bride while she was looking out the window this morning.

Wedding Pictures

20 03 2010

At long last, I managed to find time to upload all my wedding studio pictures into my blog. Thanks to Red Bliss Studio for their excellent service and amazing pictures.

Click here for the full set of pictures.

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