iscream @ Tropicana City Mall

29 12 2010

When I was a little kid, I always look forward to the ice-cream man with the ringing chimes at my housing area. I still remember a single scoop cone was only 20 cents back then. Nowadays, we are spoil with premium choices ranging from Ben & Jerry, Baskin Robbins to Häagen-Dazs. Though these brands are not cheap, the taste is really irresistible.

When I saw iscream at Tropicana City a while back, I was curious to see how their ice-cream fares.

Apparently, their ice-cream is locally made but rest assured, the quality is on par with some of the better brands out there.

I can’t remember which flavour I choose (apart from the obvious chocolate flavour) but I enjoyed eating them.

The junior scoop costs RM 3.50 which is also quite reasonable.

If you happened to be around Tropicana City (and an ice-cream lover), give this place a try.

Tropicana City Mall
Lot G-11, Ground Floor
No. 3, Jalan ss20/27
47400 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-7724 1904


Location Map

Daiki Cafe @ Subang Jaya

26 12 2010

In today’s trend where nice dining ambiance means expensive food prices, Daiki Cafe certainly came as a surprise. Not only the food were great, the cafe was nicely done up to provide a comfortable eating experience. And to top it up, the  food prices were very reasonable which makes Daiki Cafe a worthwhile place to go.

The Nasi Lemak (RM 8.60) is definitely on the recommended list. Although it was not as good as Village Park, the taste does warrant two thumbs up. The rice were rich with ‘santan’ fragrant while the deep fried chicken has it own distinctive taste.

Sambal, ‘ikan bilis’, boiled egg all adds up to the delicious plate of Nasi Lemak!

It is so difficult to find good half boiled egg around. Most of them are either too ‘watery’ while some are overly cooked. The ones at Daiki Cafe (RM 2.00) were excellent. The eggs came perfectly half boiled!

I came to this place twice and I can vouch that it was no mere chance that I had great half boiled eggs twice.

For those who are rather health conscious, it is interesting to note that Daiki Cafe uses Omega + eggs.

I also love the Jawa Mee (RM 5.90). It was actually recommenced by a colleague of mine when I first ate at this place.

Ever since that visit, I fondly remember the taste of the noodles.

The gravy managed to hit the right note in terms of its spiciness. Really appetizing stuff.

If you are looking for good food with great prices, then Daiki Cafe would fit the bill nicely. A word of caution though. Although parking was a breeze during weekends although it can be quite hard to find a place to park during weekdays.

Daiki Cafe (Opposite Subang Avenue)
No. 143, Jalan SS 15/5A
47500 Subang Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Location Map

Fruit Rojak & Char Kuey Teow at Kedai Makanan Seng Lee

21 12 2010

Mention fruit rojak and the mixture of fruits with dark shrimp paste will definitely come into the mind. Personally, I was never really fond of fruit rojak since it practically tastes the same everywhere. However, my perception of this dish quickly changed when I tried the fruit rojak stall in front of Kedai Makanan Seng Lee at Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights.

The stall is operated by a couple who have been there for many years.

The long line of customers was a sure sign that their rojak is noteworthy. I ordered a plate (RM 5) which comes with cucumber, pineapple, papaya, water chestnut, raw mangoes and etc.

What makes their fruit rojak different is the generous amount of crushed peanuts and more importantly, the awesome taste of the shrimp paste. The paste was thick, rich with taste and delicious. I can’t begin to describe how wonderful it was.

The inclusion of you tiao was also something that I like. You can have either the crispy version of the soft version.

The prawn crackers was also crispy and nice. Trust me, a plate of this fruit rojak is enough to fill the stomach. Highly recommended.

The Char Kuey Teow (RM 5) at Seng Lee was also good. It is more moist compared to most of the Char Kuey Teow that I had tried.

The colour of the noodles are also much lighter as compared to the usual dark brown.

It does take some skills to whipped up a good plate of Char Kuey Teow and in this case, the uncle who fried them does it very well indeed. The noodles were not greasy and has a slight tinge of spicy taste in it.

If you happened to be around Damansara Heights, do drop by this coffee shop. Kedai Makanan Seng Lee is just situated right at the back of Hock Lee supermarket.

Kedai Makanan Seng Lee (near to Hock Lee supermarket)
Jalan Batai
50490 Kuala Lumpur

Location Map


18 12 2010

Despite the lack of update in my blog, I have been very busy behind the camera. Between juggling my time helping my other half to take pictures for her Bakin’licious blog and my freelance training projects, my days just passed by in a blink of an eye.

And speaking of pictures, here are some shots taken recently.

Click here fore more pictures.

Brother Yat @ Subang Industrial Park

16 12 2010

My colleagues decided to hold a farewell dinner for me end of last month and after reading some blog reviews, we headed over to Brother Yat for their famous Sauna Prawn. Sauna Prawn may sounds rather intriguing and it was since we get to see how it was prepared. Live prawns ( RM 33 – 400gm) were put inside a steamy pot and together with a glass of beer.

According to the staff, the bottom part of the pot contains hot stones (it could be volcanic rock) which emits the steam once the beer touches it surface. The prawns were being cooked for a minutes or so and voila… fresh prawns with a hint of beer taste.

Honestly, I was expecting more beer aroma but it wasn’t the case. Nevertheless, the prawns were fresh indeed.

We also took the Pork Knuckle with Mongolian Sauce (RM 40) which will certainly delight pork lovers. There was a generous serving of pork meat (a mixed combination of fat and lean meat) and the sauce has a unique taste to it.

The Green Curry with Fish Head (RM 36 – 800 gm) was my least favourite. Not that it tasted bad but I supposed we had too much of the pork and our stomach couldn’t take any more food. It was also spicy with lots of ingredients inside.

The stir fried ‘lin ngau’ or lotus roots (RM 12) has a light taste to it which was certainly a welcome change after eating all the ‘heavy stuff’.

I also like the Homemade Tofu (RM 12) as as good as it gets. I always enjoy eating tofu and this dish has a thumbs up from me.

Brother Yat is certainly a noteworthy place to go. Apart from the fact that it is located in an industrial area (which may sound rather strange for a chinese restaurant) just opposite Mydin, food was good enough to warrant a second visit.

Brother Yat Restaurant
Lot B1-765, Jalan Subang 4
47500 Subang Jaya

Tel: 012-6846276

Location Map

Green Peas Cookies @ Bakin’licious

11 12 2010

Here is a latest creation from Bakin’licious. If you like green peas cookies, then this is definitely a treat! It is quite simple to make but taste really good. Click here for more information.

KL International Motorshow 2010 #2

10 12 2010

Some of my friends asked about the car pictures when I initially posted up the pictures I took at KLIMS 2010. Here are the pictures of those cars. I  must say, there wasn’t much interesting cars around other than a few concept hybrid cars.


Pineapple Muffins

9 12 2010

Everybody loves muffins! This is the latest offering from Bakin’licious. Soft fluffy texture on the outside with sweet pineapple fillings on the inside. One muffin is definitely not enough to satisfy your cravings. Click here for more information.

Restoran Nyonya Imperial @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong

8 12 2010

When I was thinking where to dine last two weeks, Nyonya Imperial sprang into my mind. I had good impression of this place ever since I ate there a few months back. Besides the classy decoration, the food prices were surprisingly affordable. Located just opposite of the Easy Pha-max office, I would assume that this restaurant is run by the same company judging from the similar red colour theme right down to the staff in the restaurant.

For starters we ordered the Crispy Tofu (RM 6.90) which was a good way to start off a meal. The Tofu skin was fried till golden brown while the texture inside was soft.

We also tried the Kangkong Belacan (RM 9.90). Although it was slightly salty, it would certainly delight those who are craving for a spicy dish.

The Nyonya Special Fried Rice (RM 9.90) came with a sunny side up on top of the rice and accompanied with fried chicken and crackers.

It was okay for a meal although I didn’t find anything special about it.

The Prawn Mee (RM 7.90) was tasty although I would say that this is not the best I have eaten. But for a meal, I would say that it is a decent choice.

There were prawns, thin chicken slices and also kangkong in the dish.

Lastly, Ice Chendol (RM 3.00) was a welcome dessert for us after eating all those spicy food. It was rich with brown sugar and coconut milk.

Nyonya Imperial
No. 1, Jalan Puteri 2/6
Bandar Puteri
47100 Puchong
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Location Map

KL International Motorshow 2010 (KLIMS) @ Putra World Trade Centre

5 12 2010

I was anticipating for the KL International Motorshow 2010 (KLIMS) for the longest time. If I recalled correctly, the last KLIMS was held many years back and I have fond memories of attending for the event. Ever since then, there was no news about the forthcoming car exhibition until middle of this year when I started seeing advertisements on newsprint. Yesterday was the official opening day for KL International Motorshow 2010 at Putra World Trade Centre and I was the first few to get in line to buy the tickets. To my surprise there were many visitors who were already queuing up as early as 9 a.m. and many more came during mid-day. Hence it was quite a challenge to take pictures with the influx of crowd. Anyway, here are some of the shots taken of the models during the event.

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