Ice @ TPM #3

26 01 2010

Here are the final set of pictures taken for Ice. A big ‘thank you’ to her for giving us a chance to take her photos. It was certainly a great experience for all of us.

Ice @ TPM #2

20 01 2010

Here are some additional pictures taken for Ice. Halfway through the shoot, my friend, Yeong came up with the idea of using his spare camera as a prop. More pictures coming soon….

Ice @ Technology Park Malaysia

20 01 2010

Last Sunday, my colleague organised a shooting event at Technology Park Malaysia. Kudos to Ice for being very accommodating throughout the entire session despite the mosquitoes and harsh sunny weather. It was an equally challenging photoshoot session for me as well,  since there were eight photographers vying to get the best angle to take her shots.

Yoke Peng @ Technology Park Malaysia

16 12 2009

Here are some of the pictures of Erica’s friend taken during our TPM shooting two weeks ago. I didn’t have time to post these up until now. Overall it was a good learning experience to learn shooting under different lighting conditions.

Erica @ Technology Park Malaysia #2

9 12 2009

These are some of the other pictures of Erica taken outside of Technology Park Malaysia. Being the first photoshoot, I must commend Erica for being natural and relax in most of the photos taken.

Erica @ Technology Park Malaysia

8 12 2009

Here are some pictures of my cousin, Erica which were taken last Sunday. I haven’t seen her for years and the photoshoot session was the first time I really spoke to her after all this while. Anyway, kudos to her for being so accommodating throughout the entire four hours shoot.

TPM @ Bukit Jalil

7 12 2009

I shot this picture while doing a photoshoot at Technology Park Malaysia last Sunday. The strong curves and lines provided a nice abstract feel to the whole scene.

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