Daiki Cafe @ Subang Jaya

26 12 2010

In today’s trend where nice dining ambiance means expensive food prices, Daiki Cafe certainly came as a surprise. Not only the food were great, the cafe was nicely done up to provide a comfortable eating experience. And to top it up, the  food prices were very reasonable which makes Daiki Cafe a worthwhile place to go.

The Nasi Lemak (RM 8.60) is definitely on the recommended list. Although it was not as good as Village Park, the taste does warrant two thumbs up. The rice were rich with ‘santan’ fragrant while the deep fried chicken has it own distinctive taste.

Sambal, ‘ikan bilis’, boiled egg all adds up to the delicious plate of Nasi Lemak!

It is so difficult to find good half boiled egg around. Most of them are either too ‘watery’ while some are overly cooked. The ones at Daiki Cafe (RM 2.00) were excellent. The eggs came perfectly half boiled!

I came to this place twice and I can vouch that it was no mere chance that I had great half boiled eggs twice.

For those who are rather health conscious, it is interesting to note that Daiki Cafe uses Omega + eggs.

I also love the Jawa Mee (RM 5.90). It was actually recommenced by a colleague of mine when I first ate at this place.

Ever since that visit, I fondly remember the taste of the noodles.

The gravy managed to hit the right note in terms of its spiciness. Really appetizing stuff.

If you are looking for good food with great prices, then Daiki Cafe would fit the bill nicely. A word of caution though. Although parking was a breeze during weekends although it can be quite hard to find a place to park during weekdays.

Daiki Cafe (Opposite Subang Avenue)
No. 143, Jalan SS 15/5A
47500 Subang Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

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Heng Kee Chicken Rice @ Subang Jaya

20 07 2010

In these days when the cost of living is ballooning, it is hard to find cheap food around town. Hence, when my colleague told me that there is a stall at Subang Jaya selling chicken rice for only RM 3.50 per plate, I was more than eager to give it a try.

Heng Kee Chicken Rice is located along Jalan SS13/2 which is not too far away from the 3K Sports Complex at Subang Jaya. The stall is run by an elderly couple who I presume are husband and wife. Since the stall is erected with steel structure and zinc roof, do not expect any air-conditioning here. Still, the place is comfortable enough to eat despite the hot weather. On the side note, I had to go there twice to get some decent shots of their food due to the poor lighting condition.

I ordered the roast chicken drumstick with additional rice which costs RM 4.30. Despite the cheap price, Heng Kee does not compromise on quality. The taste is on par with some of the better chicken rice shop that I have been so far.

The rice was also flavoursome. Makes me wonder how they prepare all the dishes in a small cooking area. What’s more, despite being an elderly couple they can still managed to consistently prepare these food everyday.

The meat was tender while the gravy was sweet and salty at the same time. I find myself finishing the meal in no time at all!

After a quick chat with the friendly lady, I found out that the stall is opened from 7 a.m till 4 p.m. except Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday.

Heng Kee Chicken Rice
Jalan SS13/2
47500 Subang Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Location Map

Ice @ Sunway Giza & Subang Jaya

29 06 2010

Two weeks ago, we invited Ice to do a photoshoot again. As usual, she was very accommodating throughout the entire shooting and understand what we wanted from her. On this note, I must add that she is one of the easiest model to work with which makes the entire shoot so fun and memorable!

Ka Fei Tiam @ Subang Jaya

24 06 2010

Ka Fei Tiam is another chain of coffee shops that has recently joined the fray of booming ‘kopitiam’ franchise in Malaysia. Located at the new Digital Mall at Subang Jaya, I decided to drop by there for lunch recently.

Among the mixture of oriental and western dishes in their menu, I was keen to try out their Mee Jian Nian RM 8.50). Mee Jian Nian is called ‘Sang Mee’ in Cantonese. The dish comprises of deep fried noodle served with thick gravy and vegetables. I like the noodle to be soaked slightly in the gravy so that it remains ‘crunchy’ while having the taste of the gravy.

Pieces of broccoli add colour to the dish…

Nice fresh prawns….

What makes Mee Jian Nian different from the usual noodle is the inclusion of slices of century eggs. Usually, I don’t like to eat century egg but it is edible when it is cooked in this manner.

Overall, I find the Mee Jian Nian to be quite tasty. The gravy was not too salty and their ingredients were fresh.

Ka Fei Tiam
Lot No. G-30, Ground Floor
Nineteen Digital Mall
Jalan Persiaran Kewajipan USJ 19
47620 Subang Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: 03-80238551

Location Map

I.N.T Restaurant @ Subang Jaya

23 06 2010

For whatever meaning the initial I.N.T stands for, this would probably be the least concern in most customers’ mind when they are having a meal at I.N.T Restaurant. This is because their Nasi Briyani is really awesome and one of the best I have ever had so far.

Located at the ground floor of a low cost apartment, the outlook of the restaurant was rather bare bone. Inside, the friendly staff would be all too eager to recommend their Nasi Briyani over white rice and even includes a huge chunk of curry lamb shank when I was there. However, I did not opt for the lamb but instead, I took some other dishes.

I love their fried cauliflower. It was really tasty!

The fried bitter gourd was equally good as well.

The mixed vegetables salad was pretty nice.

I also took the fried omelette and a mixture of curry gravy.

Their fried chicken (which was just deep fried when I arrived) was simply mouth-watering. This is one of the best deep fried chicken I had apart from the one at Village Park.

The meal costs RM 10.50 which is slightly on the high side but considering the amount of side dishes I took plus the huge chunk of chicken (inclusive of the thigh), it was really worth the money. Moreover, the Nasi Briyani was full of fragrant and taste. Highly recommended!

I.N.T Restaurant
Lot 1, Ground Floor, Blok 1
Jalan SS 13/1E
Subang Jaya
47500 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-5637 4869

Location Map

Restoran Kar Heong @ Subang Jaya

29 05 2010

Mention steam chicken rice and the first thing that pops into my mind is slices of yellow skin steam chicken soaked with soya sauce. Restoran Kar Heong at Subang Jaya pretty much fits the bill.

From the outlook, the shop won’t strike you as a place that will fulfill your gastronomical appetite. But once you stepped inside, it is a whole different story altogether. Scores of people are seen waiting for tables while those who are already seated are busy enjoying their meal.

A plate of ‘tau geh’ or bean sprout (RM 4.00)  is a must to accompany any chicken rice meal. Here, the bean sprouts were thick and crunchy.

Since Kar Heong is famous for their steam chicken I was curious to find out how it fares. The meat was tender and full of taste as how you would expect a good serving of steam chicken to be. A whole chicken costs us RM 38 which can accommodate up to six people.

Their Char Siew (RM 36) was pretty good although it is not the best I have tried so far. Nevertheless the combination of sweet and salty taste accompanying the lean and fat pork meat was definitely above average.

Since their business is extremely good, it is advisable to go early to avoid the afternoon crowd.

Restoran Kar Heong
No. 60, Jalan SS14/2
47500 Subang Jaya
Tel: 012-6056696

Location Map

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