Yoke Peng @ Bukit Jalil

3 09 2011

While organizing my photos, I realised that I had missed out this particular picture in the previous post. It was the only picture I had of Yoke Peng in her black attire. Love the composition in this shot.

Yoke Peng @ Bukit Jalil

2 09 2011

Yoke Peng was the last model to be shot at Bukit Jalil a few weeks ago. Although we had little time spent during the shoot, I was pleased with the overall pictures. Thanks for being a great model!

Yoke Peng @ Bukit Jalil

25 08 2011

Here is a preview shot of Yoke Peng taken at Bukit Jalil. She was the last model to be shot that day (I am supposed to upload the earlier ones first…) but somehow this picture caught my eyes. Stay tuned for the rest of the pictures soon!

Yoke Peng @ Putrajaya #2

4 01 2011

Here are the remaining pictures taken for Yoke Peng. I would like to thank her for being such a good sport throughout the entire photoshoot. Stay tuned for more pictures of Erica…

Yoke Peng @ Putrajaya

3 01 2011

Last weekend I had a chance to shoot Yoke Peng at Putrajaya. Luckily, the weather was nice that day which was a big relief for me. Here are some of the pictures taken.

Yoke Peng @ Technology Park Malaysia

16 12 2009

Here are some of the pictures of Erica’s friend taken during our TPM shooting two weeks ago. I didn’t have time to post these up until now. Overall it was a good learning experience to learn shooting under different lighting conditions.

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