Klang Cendol @ Klang

18 05 2011

When I was told that the best Cendol is found in old Klang town, the statement was met with skepticism by yours truly. However, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to make a trip down to the ‘royal city’ just to find out if the cendol lives up to its reputation. Upon seeing the cendol shop, I was startled to see the word 1972 prominently displayed on the signboard. Apparently, the cendol shop was founded by Mr. Mahalingam way back in 1972.

There is an interesting story of how Mr. Mahalingam began his cendol business. He came from a very poor family and had no choice but to pawn his Seiko watch for $20 to start a part-time cendol business at Nibong Tebal in Penang. His first day profit was only $1.60 but his persistency paid off when he was offered to take over a business from another cendol seller in Klang when the later need to go back to India. The rest as they say is history.

There are many types of cendol sold at Klang Cendol ranging from cendol biasa (plain cendol), cendol ais krim and cendol pulut (cendol with glutinous  rice). I ordered the cendol pulut which costs RM 2.20 per bowl.

The cendol was served in a metal bowl. Instead of a mountain of shaved ice covered with coconut milk and thick gula melaka (palm sugar), the bowl of cendol came with a few chunks of glutinous rice in a pool of melted ice with brownish gula melaka, milk, green jelly and red beans.

While it doesn’t look impressive, the taste was truly fantastic. While it wasn’t overly dense with gula melaka which made it less sweeter than those Baba cendol in Melaka, it still hit all the right notes with a perfect combination of fresh coconut milk with gula melaka.

I believe Mr. Mahalingam has fine-tuned his recipe over the years and has successfully come up with a lips smacking bowl of cendol that truly lives up to his reputation.

It was also my first time trying cendol pulut which adds a new dimension to the texture of the dessert. While cendol biasa comes mainly with shaved ice, the cendol pulut has a more chewy texture due to the glutinous rice soaked in the coconut milk. Two thumbs up!

Apparently, Cendol Klang do sell rojak as well. The sauce is slightly lighter in colour and not as thick or as spicy as those other mamak stalls.

There were fried tofu, a piece of boiled egg, sliced cucumber and even lettuce.

Taste wise, I wasn’t really impressed with it. After tasting the cendol, I was hoping that the rojak would be equally good but I still prefer Rojak Mustaffa at Petaling Jaya.

But the whole purpose of going there was to taste the cendol and I wasn’t disappointed at all. True enough, apart from Bak Kut Teh and seafood, Klang can proudly proclaim cendol as one its repertoire of signature dishes in this royal town.

Cendol Klang
No, 78, Jalan Nanas
41400 Klang
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Location Map



9 responses

18 05 2011
Tan Kien Boon

I used to makan in this restaurant while seeing clients in Klang those day. What I like is only the potato in the rojak. The rest just plain mediocre. Actually you could add the peanut ice-cream in this restaurant which I usually love.. Then later I discover one stall not too far after the old bridge at Klang Indian street. There is one cendol stall definitely beat this one flat seriously!!

18 05 2011
Nigel Low

Hi Kien Boon. Do you happen to know the name of the cendol shop? I would love to check it out.

18 05 2011

Klang is not a city yet so it’s still a ‘royal town’ 🙂
N yes that’s d best chendol…used to b on motorcycle where we used to queue n stand to eat ind hot sun… Across d road on d left there this ‘pai kut rice’ which is famous too I think it’s call hakka pork rib something.go try Wen u hv time.

18 05 2011
Nigel Low

Hi Shirley. Thanks for the comment. I heard about the pork ribs too and will try it one day. It would be even nicer if I get someone to treat me. Lol!

19 05 2011
Tan Kien Boon

Nigel.. now they move to this end of the indian street for this bus station. That fellow move there.. Its a pity if he can do a good marketing.. I am sure he could be very much successful lah.. Ermm.. its been a long time since i was there… the last time it is still run in a stall basis.. no name as far as I can recall. .if i happen to pass by and eat there.. i will get the GPS location and snap some photos for u…

19 05 2011
Nigel Low

Thanks bro!

23 05 2011

Woah, delicious indeeeeeeeeed!!! *drools*

30 04 2012
Kevin lim

I think you should try ss15 subang roadside rojak. There is a major difference in the freshness of the food and tatse. Give it a try when you are free.

7 05 2012

you should try the ss15 subang roadside stall rojak…. It was way better than mustaffa. I tried both the other day, there were no match. SS15’s rojak totally owned it. Give it a try. As for cendol, im voting for cendol klang =)

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