Jacky & Lian Gek Wedding

22 02 2011

It is a privilege to witness Jacky and Lian Gek”s wedding. Seeing the mixture of emotions really makes me realise the significance of the entire event. Congratulations to the newly wed couple and may their future be embarked upon a beautiful journey of togetherness and love.

Rojak Mustaffa @ Section 17, Petaling Jaya

18 02 2011

Anyone who has been staying in Section 17, Petaling Jaya would be familiar with Rojak Mustaffa. Located along Jalan 17/21, Rojak Mustaffa’s van is parked under the big tree opposite the morning market by noon everyday. As far as I can remember, this rojak stall has been around for ages and has attracted many loyal customers who are often seen sitting on the plastic chairs in front of the rojak van.

The stall was originally run by the boss himself but during my last visit there, it seems that his son has taken over the business. Judging from how quickly the ingredients were sliced on the chopping board, I would say that he is as experienced as his father, if not better. My packet of rojak was ready in less than 2 minutes.

Rojak Pasembur or rojak mamak consists of various ingredients such as floury cake, sliced cucumber, hard boiled egg, fried tofu, bean sprout and fried crackers.

One of the best thing I love about Rojak Mustaffa is the thick peanut sauce which has the right balance of spicy and sweet taste to it. Spread the peanut sauce all over the ingredients and mix them together for a plate of delicious meal!

Beside Rojak Sotong & telur (RM 5.00), they also serve Rojak Mee (RM 5.50), Rojak Telur (RM 4.00) and Rojak Sotong (RM 4.00). Business hour is from noon till around 4 p.m.

Rojak Mustaffa
Jalan 17/21
46400 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 016-327 5176

Location Map

Belanga Café @ SStwo Mall

17 02 2011

Belanga Café which specializes in Malay cuisine has recently opened its latest branch at SStwo Mall. According to their Facebook page, its founder who is from Kelantan origin claimed that Belanga Café offers authentic home-styled Malay food such as Roti Jala, Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Dagang and Nasi Tumpang.

I ordered their nasi kerabu with ayam percik which comes with a drink and dessert for RM 16.90 per set. The meal came with ‘daun kesom’ which is basically raw laksa leaf. Daun kesom has a distinctive flavour which goes very well with the rice.

The meal was also accompanied with toasted coconut (kerisik) and a slice of salted egg. I was told that the traditional colour of the rice in Nasi Kerabu is blue (cooked using the extract from bunga telang or butterfly pea flower) but oddly, Belanga Café version of Nasi Kerabu was served with yellow rice.

There was also a few pieces of ‘keropok keping’ or fish crackers which were a common item served with nasi kerabu.

The Ayam Percik was nicely marinated and cooked, with a rich taste of coconut gravy. While it is not the best I have tried, the taste was good enough for me.

Overall, I wasn’t disappointed with the meal. My other half who originates from Kelantan also agreed that the meal was good.

The only downside is the price of the food which is more expensive than in Kelantan.

But then again, the nice ambiance at Belanga Café provides a modern, clean and comfortable dining experience compared to a road side stall in Kelantan. For now, if I want to satisfy my craving for nasi kerabu, Belanga Café would be my choice of place to go.

Belanga Café
No. G48, Ground Floor
SSTwo Mall
Jalan SS2/72
47300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Location Map


Pasar Besar Wakaf Bharu @ Kelantan #2

13 02 2011

Every Friday, Wakaf Bharu becomes crowded as stalls are lined up along the street of the famous “Friday Market” near ‘Pasar Besar Wakaf Bharu’. Apart from the street market, the town is also well known for its morning market which is buzzing with activities during the day.

1. Fresh vegetables are sold in the morning market. Most of these vegetables are home grown by the sellers themselves at their kampung (village).

2. Stack of cucumbers sold at the market place. These cucumbers are free from pesticides as they are all homegrown.

3. A Malay woman was seen selling ‘Kacang Kuda Rebus’ or Boiled Chickpeas. These beans are soaked in the water overnight before being cooked in boiled water.

4. An unusual sight of fried red rice vermicelli at the market.

5. An old woman sitting behind heaps of fresh vegetables. The four-angled beans were tied with rubber band as can be seen in the picture.

6. ‘Mee rojak’ or rojak noodles were nicely packed and arranged on top of the metal tray for morning consumption. These noodles are accompanied with thick peanut sauce which is sweeter than the common rojak found elsewhere.

7. ‘Pulut pagi’ is a popular breakfast snack in Kelantan. These glutinous rice are cooked with brown sugar and is eaten with coconut flakes and boiled beans.

8. The thick stems of ‘Kai Lan’ or Chinese broccoli provide an interesting composition to shoot from top view. These vegetables are tied together with rubber bands.

9. Fresh vegetable salad with beautiful hues of green under natural light.

10. Another woman selling a variety of vegetables.

11. ‘Ketupat palas’ or glutinous rice wrapped in triangular shaped fan palm leaves is another unique offering only found in Kelantan. It is commonly eat with chicken or beef rendang.

12. Fresh gingers and other vegetables as sold in the market.

13. A combination of green and white chendol nicely packed in plastic bags.

14. A view of the bustling Wakaf Bharu morning market from afar.

Pasar Besar Wakaf Bharu @ Kelantan

10 02 2011

I had a chance to visit the morning market at Wakaf Bharu during Chinese New Year. Known as ‘Pasar Besar Wakaf Bharu’ or Wakaf Bharu Big Market, this is the largest market in the district of Tumpat, Kelantan and it is very crowded during day time.

1. A woman was seen selling selling ‘Apam Balik’ , a popular Malaysian version of crepe. Apam Balik is usually prepared with sugar, sweet corn and crushed peanuts.

2. Although meat and fresh vegetables were the common items sold at Wakaf Bharu market, non-food items were also abundantly seen around the place. Used shoes were spread out on the ground for buyers looking for cheap buys.

3. ‘Pisang Goreng’ or banana fritter is another popular snacks commonly seen at road side stalls. Apparently, fried snacks are popular among the Kelantanese.

4. A batik trader was seen haggling prices with the buyers. Spotting a piece of batik cloth wrapped around his torso, his antics were spotted against the vivid colours of the batik cloths at the background.

5. Fresh chillies and other vegetables as sold by one of the traders.

6. The aroma of freshly fried prawn fritters or ‘cucur udang’ was tantalizing enough to attract passersby. The lady who was selling the light snack was busy preparing the batter.

7. A Malay woman clad with malay ethnic wear was looking at the towel hangers.

8.  ‘Ikan Masin’ or salted fishes are usually cooked with some local dishes. These fishes were dried under the hot sun with sea salt so that they can be kept for a long time.

9. Another trader seen selling used shoes.

10. A lady carrying her child with a pink balloon walking along the busy market street.

11. ‘Lekor’ (or ‘Keropok Gote’ in Kelantanese dialect) is another popular snack here. These fish sausages are deep fried in hot oil and are distinctively longer than the usual lekor found in other states of Malaysia.

12. A child curiously looking at the camera while I was taking some candid shots of the market.

Pantai Seri Tujuh @ Kelantan

6 02 2011

Pantai Seri Tujuh which lies on the border of Kelantan and Thailand is a popular destination among tourists. While the beach isn’t as pristine as it should be, I spotted this little lake which provides a nice landscape to shoot.

Happy Chinese New Year

3 02 2011

To all my friends, family members, relatives and blog readers (that’s you!), I would like to wish all of you, Gong Hei Fatt Choy! May the year of rabbit bring good health, luck, abundant wealth and joyous moments.

E Garden Recipe @ SS2 Mall

3 02 2011

SS2 Mall has recently opened its door to the neighbourhood of Petaling Jaya. Although the occupancy rate is still at its minimal level, there were a couple of restaurants that were already opened. One of them is E Garden Recipe.

From outside the place looks nicely decorated with a homely feel.

E Garden prides itself to serving food that are organic, natural and healthy.

I ordered their set lunch which consists of curry chicken noodle and peach tea.

The noodle comes with a choice of normal vermicelli rice noodle or brown rice noodle.

There were also chicken meat, long beans and tau fu pock.

Coincidentally, the gas supply was disrupted that day and I was told that most of the dishes from their menu cannot be cooked. Perhaps this was the reason why the meal that I had wasn’t very impressive.

I find the curry taste too overpowering. Then again, since they are serving organic food, perhaps the taste was meant to be that way, presumably using organic ingredients.

I have yet to taste their other food, but for the time being, their curry noodle won’t be my choice of dish to order there.

E Garden Recipe
LG 55 SS2 Mall
SS2 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Location Map

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