Japanese Maneki Neko @ the Curve

26 07 2010

While walking around the Curve Street Market last two weeks, I stumbled across this particular stall offering Maneki Neko for sale. Maneki Neko (also known as Beckoning Cat), is a sculpture that is commonly made from ceramic which many people believe will usher good fortune when placed inside a shop or home.

While the more common Maneki Neko with its hand in upright swinging motion is nothing new, this particular stall was selling the piggy bank version which was extremely cute. The owner, Ms. Alice Chua was gracious enough to explain about the many variation of her Maneki Neko offerings. Each of the piggy bank differs from one another in subtle ways.Take for example, the Golden Bell which is meant to change the owner’s luck for the better.

The Gold Fish means abundance of wealth every year.

The Hyotan or drinking vessel signifies success in career and business

The back of the cat has more features such as the Fuji Mountain (represented by the wavy golden line) which is a symbol for moral support. There are also three egg plants underneath which help to make wishes come true. If you notice, there are two Koi fishes (yellow triangle) on both sides which help bring abundance of wealth every year.

The Meneki Neko isn’t cheap. I bought the medium size one which costs RM 88 after discount. But putting wishing thinking or skepticism aside, I find it to be made with such fine craftsmanship which justify the price tag. Here are some other pictures of the cat.

Maneki Neko can be bought from:-

Ikano Power Centre
1st Floor, Kiosk No. PC25
Mutiara Damansara


The Curve, Mutiara Damansara
Le Tresor Galleria
Lot 102, 102A, First Floor
47810 Petaling Jaya


The Curve Street Market

Ms. Alice Chua
012-331 1884

GCB @ McDonald’s

24 07 2010

I am sure you have heard about the “What’s your G contest?” buzzing on the radio lately. It turns out that McDonald’s has introduced a new burger called GCB. Glorious, Great-tasting, Grilled…. or whatever the G stands for, this burger has been the talk of the town lately.

Admittedly, multi-million marketing hype does play a big part in this, but the fact that “The new chicken experience” as proclaimed in the advertisement does hold a certain ring of truth as the chicken patty is marinated and grilled unlike the other burgers served at McDonald’s. The packaging is also different as it comes in a box with some facts about the GCB written on the sides.

Inside, the burger comes with lettuce and char-grilled sauce for the flavouring. My verdict? Not too bad, I must say but the price is slightly on the higher side. The medium set meal comes up to RM 11.90 excluding the 5% government tax.

So what’s your ‘G’ today?

Lecka Lecka @ the Curve

22 07 2010

I had a chance to try out Lecka Lecka after watching a movie at the Curve last week. Lecka Lecka prides itself in making great tasting gelato which is 99.9% fat free. Good thing about Lecka Lecka is the free sampling of their range of flavours before deciding which one to order. The texture of their gelato is firm and dense.

I took the double scoop (RM 7.90) which consists of walnut and chocolate flavour. True enough, Lecka Lecka does not compromise on their quality and taste. If it wasn’t for the price, I don’t mind having a second serving at all 🙂

Lecka Lecka
the Curve
No 6, Jalan PJU 7/3
Mutiara Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya

Tel: +6 03 7710 6868

Location Map

Heng Kee Chicken Rice @ Subang Jaya

20 07 2010

In these days when the cost of living is ballooning, it is hard to find cheap food around town. Hence, when my colleague told me that there is a stall at Subang Jaya selling chicken rice for only RM 3.50 per plate, I was more than eager to give it a try.

Heng Kee Chicken Rice is located along Jalan SS13/2 which is not too far away from the 3K Sports Complex at Subang Jaya. The stall is run by an elderly couple who I presume are husband and wife. Since the stall is erected with steel structure and zinc roof, do not expect any air-conditioning here. Still, the place is comfortable enough to eat despite the hot weather. On the side note, I had to go there twice to get some decent shots of their food due to the poor lighting condition.

I ordered the roast chicken drumstick with additional rice which costs RM 4.30. Despite the cheap price, Heng Kee does not compromise on quality. The taste is on par with some of the better chicken rice shop that I have been so far.

The rice was also flavoursome. Makes me wonder how they prepare all the dishes in a small cooking area. What’s more, despite being an elderly couple they can still managed to consistently prepare these food everyday.

The meat was tender while the gravy was sweet and salty at the same time. I find myself finishing the meal in no time at all!

After a quick chat with the friendly lady, I found out that the stall is opened from 7 a.m till 4 p.m. except Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday.

Heng Kee Chicken Rice
Jalan SS13/2
47500 Subang Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Location Map

Restoran Do Re Mi @ Ara Damansara

19 07 2010

One of the coffee shop that I usually frequent during lunch time is Restoran Do Re Mi at Ara Damansara. Apart from its catchy name which is synonymous to musical notes, this place is quite popular among office workers due to the variety of food that are sold there.

A visit to this coffee shop won’t be complete without trying the Bitter Gourd Noodle (RM 4). Usually, the idea of cooking noodle with bitter gourd may not sound to appealing to most people including yours truly. However, my skepticism instantly diminished as soon as I had a taste of its soup. Not only was the soup sweet, the bitter gourd compliments the taste pretty well.

The inclusion of pork slices was a plus point together with a huge chunk of toufu.

Bitter gourd has never tasted so good…

My colleague took the vegetable egg noodle as its texture is different from the usual type of noodle.

I ordered the Imperial Noodle (RM 5.80) which was served in a mini wok. Having a fancy name like Imperial Noodle sure sounded appealing to me. True to its name, Imperial Noodle, implying a majestic meal has a variety of stuff in it. From a huge chunk of crab meat and fried fillet, the dish certainly looked appetizing.

The fishballs were springy and tasted quite alright.

They also included half cooked egg on top of the noodle.

Overall, the noodle was pretty okay although my preference still goes to the Bitter Gourd Noodle.

The soup has a clear taste which was a surprise for me as I would expect a more flavoursome taste due to the handful of stuff in it. Personally, I find it a bit bland for my taste bud.

Restoran Do Re Mi
Jalan PJU 1A/20G
Dataran Ara Damansara
47301 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Location Map

Restoran Sri Nirwana Maju @ Bangsar Baru

18 07 2010

Mention banana leaf rice in Bangsar and most people would agree that Sri Nirwana Maju serves one of the best banana leaf rice around town. This barebone restaurant is a far cry from the rows of more up-class dining outlets at Jalan Telawi 3. There are no down-lights nor fancy decorations to be found here. Instead, what you get is a good serving of banana leaf rice.

Despite the hoards of customers at this restaurant, service was exceptionally fast. Within minutes, the banana leaf was laid on the table with white rice place on top of the leaf. Then came the deep fried bitter gourd and sliced long beans generously poured beside the rice.

One thing good about banana leaf rice is the unlimited serving of vegetables.

And to compliment the meal, a few crunchy crackers or papadum provides a good appetizer.

We ordered the fried sotong which was nicely marinated and deep fried.  Don’t forget to squeeze the lime for the tinge of sour taste.

The fried chicken was equally good as well. Although it was a bit cold, I could still taste the richness of the various spices that were used to fried with it.

When it comes to Indian cuisine, I like my dish to be flooded with curry. The combination of main and side dishes mixed together made the meal really delicious. The meal costs RM 28.10 for two people with drinks.

If you want to drop by there for lunch or dinner, be prepared to wait for a table. The restaurant is packed with people almost everyday. Still, what’s a fair bit of waiting time compared to the great meal to be had?

Sri Nirwana Maju
43, Jalan Telawi 3
59100 Bangsar Baru
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 2287 8445

Location Map

Warung Rindu @ Bukit Angkasa

17 07 2010

I heard from my colleague that there is this particular stall at Pantai Dalam commuter station called ‘Warung Rindu’. Rindu is a Malay word for ‘yearning or longing’ and since Warung Rindu is famous for their nasi lemak, customers will apparently yearn for the nasi lemak when they can’t have it.

Since it sounded quite appealing to me, I decided to bring my iPhone to locate the stall using its Google Map function. After a handful of wrong turnings and Internet browsing while on the road, I managed to find the stall at Jalan Bukit Angkasa which is a stone throw away from the commuter station.

Sure enough, the stall does look pretty interesting with rows of nasi lemak bungkus lining up at the front counter. The chicken were also being fried when I ordered my plate of nasi lemak. Having heard so many good things about it, I was waiting in anticipation to taste it.

The dish (RM 4.50) came with a drumstick, fried egg and sambal.

Firstly, the chicken wasn’t really that great. After hearing so much about Warung Rindu, I was surprise to find out that their chicken was only average at best.

It didn’t have enough ‘rempah’ taste as I would expect from a stall like this.

The sambal wasn’t spicy at all. As a matter of fact, there was a tinge of sweetness in it which is not a bad thing. But I find it lacking of the ‘kick’ that I would prefer in a good dollop of sambal. Overall, I wasn’t impress with the meal at all.

The satay stall which is located next to Warung Rindu fared much better.

The chicken meat (RM 0.50 per stick) was sweet and tasted quite alright. Some prefer the skewered meat to have a bit more fats in them but I prefer mine without it.

And at such, the satay suits my preference.

The kuah satay unfortunately was only average. If they had added more crunch peanut in it, I am sure it would have tasted better.

After asking my colleague again, I was told that the original Warung Rindu is located at the turning off the main road of Pantai Dalam commuter station. Sigh…!

Warung Rindu
Jalan 1/112A
Taman Bukit Angkasa
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Location Map

Street artist @ Sunway Giza

15 07 2010

Right after my lunch session at Sunway Giza last weekend, I spotted a handful of people crowding around a street artist. Apparently, there was this cute little girl who was sitting patiently waiting for her portrait to be drawn. Her dad had to keep her entertained as she was eager to see how her pencil drawn portrait looks like.

Moe De Cafe @ Sunway Giza

13 07 2010

Located at the ground floor of Sunway Giza Mall, Moe De Cafe is a quaint looking place from the outlook. The very first thing that caught my eye was the life-sized Warhammer statue next to the entrance of the restaurant. The imposing statue was certainly an eye-catcher and would piques the interest of those who walks past this cafe.

Besides having a statue besides its front entrance, the cafe have a long stretch of bookshelves which house Japanese manga for free reading. And to top it up, the waitresses’ uniform is similar to those french maid costume!

I ordered the Seafood with Spicy Sauce Bucket Rice (RM 13.90). The meal came with a choice of drink which I chose the Longan Sea Coconut.

The rice was certainly delicious. It was served inside the wooden bucket with squid, clams, prawns and crab sticks among other things.

What makes this meal so nice was the sauce which has a slight tinged of spiciness with seafood taste.

We also took the Fried Spaghetti with Seafood in Special Sauce (RM 10.90). It was fried with some chili and black pepper.

To me, it was certainly appetizing although I wished the portion was bigger.

To top it up, they also included free ice-cream as part of the whole set meal.Instead of the usual plain ice-cream that most restaurants serve, this one has peanut toppings with chocolate syrup. Yummy!

The place is certainly packed with people during dinner time which is a sure sign of its popularity.

Moe De Cafe
Unit B-9-G, Sunway Giza
Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Location Map

Restoran Ten-Tien Fatt @ Subang Jaya

10 07 2010

A while ago, my colleague introduced a famous pork noodle stall at Restoran Ten-Tien Fatt located opposite of USJ 6 along Persiaran Kewajipan. Ten-Tien Fatt is one of those local coffee shop which consists of many small stalls that are commonly seen around town. When we arrived there during lunch hour, the place was already packed with people which is a good indication of its popularity. Apparently, the pork noodle shop is single handedly run by a foreigner which I presume is employed by a local Chinese.

Since the coffee shop is situated right on the ground floor of an apartment do expect limited tables and lack of air-conditioning. We sat at the back of the coffee shop which is an open area with make shift ‘pasar malam’ type of umbrellas to shield customers from the hot sun.

But for what it is worth, the pork noodle (RM 4,30 for a big bowl) was really good. It came with a generous amount of pork lards which definitely gave a distinctive flavour to the soup.

The pork balls have a springy texture and tasted fresh. Thumbs up.

Besides the pork ball, the stall also included mince pork meat which goes very well with soy sauce with sliced chilli.

Overall, I am really happy with the meal. The soup has the right amount of taste (sweet and flavoursome) with a healthy dose of lards for the extra ‘kick’.

Restaurant Ten-Tien Fatt
Subang Perdana Apartment
Persiaran Kewajipan
47600 Subang Jaya

Location Map

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