Yoke Peng @ Bukit Jalil

3 09 2011

While organizing my photos, I realised that I had missed out this particular picture in the previous post. It was the only picture I had of Yoke Peng in her black attire. Love the composition in this shot.

Yoke Peng @ Bukit Jalil

2 09 2011

Yoke Peng was the last model to be shot at Bukit Jalil a few weeks ago. Although we had little time spent during the shoot, I was pleased with the overall pictures. Thanks for being a great model!

Su Ying @ Bukit Jalil

27 08 2011

I remember asking Su Ying if she has any props which can be used for the photo shoot. Good thing she suggested her teddy bear and a book as it was really fun shooting her with those props at the park.

Yoke Peng @ Bukit Jalil

25 08 2011

Here is a preview shot of Yoke Peng taken at Bukit Jalil. She was the last model to be shot that day (I am supposed to upload the earlier ones first…) but somehow this picture caught my eyes. Stay tuned for the rest of the pictures soon!

Erica @ Bukit Jalil

22 08 2011

Here are some of the pictures taken for Erica who has been featured in this blog previously. She has a natural flair in posing and it was really easy to take her pictures.


Sin Yein @ Bukit Jalil

21 08 2011

Last two weekends, I had a chance to shoot with Sin Yein and her friends at Bukit Jalil. Although it was Sin Yein’s first photo shoot, she did quite well. Here are some of the pictures taken that day.

Mirbek & Meerim @ Bukit Jalil

20 07 2011

I had a photoshoot session with Mirbek and Meerim this morning. It was a very brief shoot as Meerim had to rush off to sit for her exams which was starting at noon. Despite the rush, Meerim wanted some pictures with Mirbek as he came all the way to Malaysia to surprise her. Aww… isn’t both of them romantic?

Ice @ TPM #3

26 01 2010

Here are the final set of pictures taken for Ice. A big ‘thank you’ to her for giving us a chance to take her photos. It was certainly a great experience for all of us.

Ice @ TPM #2

20 01 2010

Here are some additional pictures taken for Ice. Halfway through the shoot, my friend, Yeong came up with the idea of using his spare camera as a prop. More pictures coming soon….

Ice @ Technology Park Malaysia

20 01 2010

Last Sunday, my colleague organised a shooting event at Technology Park Malaysia. Kudos to Ice for being very accommodating throughout the entire session despite the mosquitoes and harsh sunny weather. It was an equally challenging photoshoot session for me as well,  since there were eight photographers vying to get the best angle to take her shots.

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