Wei Ling @ Kelana Jaya

5 04 2011

Last two weekends, I joined a couple of photographers for a portrait shooting event. Despite the hot weather, the event turned out pretty well. Wei Ling was natural in front of the camera which makes it easy for me to shoot her. Here are some of the pictures taken that day.

Sunday shootout #2

6 12 2009

Here are some additional pictures taken from the Sunday shootout. Overall, it has been quite a learning experience for me as I hardly do portrait shooting. I just hope that the pictures turns out okay for Jolin who was kind enough to participate in the session.

Sunday shootout

4 12 2009

I went for a photoshoot last weekend with a bunch of my colleagues and friends. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t on our side as it was raining in the morning. However, lady luck shined on us when the skies began to clear up soon after.

Here are some of the pictures taken…

San Francisco Coffee @ Bangsar South

19 11 2009

This picture was taken in San Francisco Coffee located at Bangsar South, Sphere. Apparently, this new neighbourhood shopping mall is quite nice with open glass concept. I will try to post more pictures as soon as I get my laptop sorted out.


20 10 2009

I was at Black Canyon Coffee with my girlfriend last Saturday. The place was recommended by Yeong since he said that the Internet connection is fast. And he was right. Unlike Starbucks, there weren’t many customers using their laptop when I was there. This means that we can enjoy fast Internet surfing.

DSC_0911 copy1


11 10 2009

While waiting for our food at Kie Kee chicken rice shop, I took out my camera and started taking pictures of my girlfriend. I always prefer if the subject is not looking at the camera as it gives a more casual feel to the picture. Anyway, here are two quick snaps of her.

DSC_0454 copy

DSC_0457 copy

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