Sapulidi @ Bandung #2

7 10 2010

The inspiring beauty of Bandung never ceases to amaze me. While walking around Sapulidi, I spotted this old bicycle next to the wooden door. When I was a little boy, I used to cycle on these type of bicycle and even fell down once as my legs weren’t long enough to reach the ground. Seeing the bicycle certainly evokes memories of my childhood days.



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8 10 2010

They called this Grandpa bicycle. I also used to sit on one of this that belongs to my grandma back then. Now I felt very old after seeing your post…..

8 10 2010
brad pitt

nice pic bro! I like……

8 10 2010
Nigel Low

Thanks Brad!

28 10 2010

Hi Nigel,

I simply love the pictures you took. You must be spending so much time to learn and research judging by the short period of photography you were in. May I ask some tips from you? I like this particular picture you took. How do you create this effect? Any particular software to use and how to do it? Would be thankful if you may gimme some tips or two. Thx my fren!

28 10 2010
Nigel Low

Hi Mark,

The technique is called High Dynamic Range. Basically, it involves using multiple exposures (ideally 3 or more) and later stacked up to produce a higher range of highlights and shadow than a single exposure can produce. The software that I used is called Photomatix Pro. You can google about HDR and get plenty of tips online.


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