Kampung Batu Laut

21 12 2009

I often come across comments that my blog is mostly filled with food pictures. This is undoubtedly true as I usually don’t get to shoot anything much except pictures of my lunch or dinner. A few days back, I tried taking some landscape shots for a change. My journey to Morib started before dawn as it was quite a distance away from where I am staying. Along the rural road leading to the beach, the morning daylight cast a golden hue across the misty backdrop.

I got lost along the way and actually drove past the beach. We stopped by at Kampung Batu Laut which is located along the shoreline of Klang and around 3km from Morib Beach.

There were some fishing boats and villagers chatting as we walked around the place. Here is another picture of the area before I drove back to Morib Beach again.

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