Indulge @ Tropicana City

17 01 2010

I came across this dining place called Indulge a while back while walking around Tropicana City Mall. The place looks nice from the outside which prompted me to try out their set lunch last week.

I ordered the Roasted Lamb Leg which came highly recommended by the waiter. The set costs RM 15.90 which comes with soup of the day and a drink. The soup was actually Prawn Bisque Soup which tasted rather average if you ask me. Somehow, there was a bit of burnt taste in it.

Next came the main course. It looks nice with the slices of roast lamb leg stacked up with some vegetables on the side.

However, I was disappointed with the dish. The meat was dry (as if it was left overnight) while the black pepper sauce didn’t taste that great either.

The vegetables were fresh and that was the only thing that I like anyway.

The waiter was nice enough to give me a complimentary ice-cream which, honestly, was much better than the aforementioned dishes.

Lot L1.12, Level 1
Tropicana City Mall
Tel: 03-77106112

Ninja Joe @ Tropicana City Mall

2 12 2009

I am always fascinated with the mysterious nature Ninja. Dressing in full black suit with their face covered, they thread stealthily in the shadows, assassinating their targets with katana or shuriken.  So when I saw this new shop at Tropicana City Mall called Ninja Joe, I promptly walked in to check out what the buzz is all about.

Apparently, Ninja Joe is a new fast food chain which serves pork burger. I can only recall another fast food chain from Japan called Mos Burger in KLCC that serves pork fillet burger but has since closed down. Anyway, Ninja Joe offers six varieties of their mini pork burger namely, Original, Teriyaki, Spicy, Black pepper, Oriental and Sweet and Sour.

All the burgers do look alike except for the gravy which they used to define the choice of flavour. Each burger costs RM 5.95 (solo burger) but you can also buy it in a set of 2 burgers (RM 9.95), 3 burgers (RM 12.95) or 6 ninjas (RM 24.95).

Apart from that, they even have a wacky offer whereby if the customer name is Joe, he or she gets RM 1 discount.

The fillet was very tasty. It kinda of reminded me of dried meat that we usually eat during Chinese New Year.

According to their twitter page, the burgers are 100% free from MSG, flavouring and preservatives.

Besides the burgers, they also serve pork nuggets in the shape of Shuriken. Quite cute I must say.

Here is their Twitter page.

Ninja Joe
Lot LG 18, Tropicana City Mall
No. 3 Jalan SS20/27
47400 Petaling Jaya

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