Papa John’s Pizza @ Sunway Pyramid

13 11 2009

Papa John’s Pizza has finally arrived in Malaysia. Actually, it has been around for a few month since the opening of its first outlet at Times Square. However, I did not get a chance to taste it until last week at their Sunway outlet.


“Better Ingredients, Better Pizza” has always been Papa John’s tag line and it certainly reflects on the quality of their pizza. Apparently, their Super Papa’s came highly recommended as it a classic combination of Beef Pepperoni, Italian Beef Sausage, Chicken Roll, Fresh Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Onions and Black Olives. We took the 6″ original which costs RM 11.20.


Here is the picture of the Super Papa’s pizza. I have tasted some really good pizzas before at some fancy Italian restaurant. So it is not fair to compare them together since Papa’s pizzas are price differently for mass market. But suffice to say (and comparatively speaking), it is better than our local Pizza Hut and even Dominoes Pizza.


We also took the Land & Sea (RM11.20) which consists of Chicken Roll, Shrimps, Mushrooms, Green Peas and Sweet Pineapple.


So what makes Papa John’s Pizzas taste so good? Well, for one thing, their pizza crusts are nicely baked unlike some other restaurant which has rubbery texture crusts. On top of that, I love pouring a generous amount of their complimentary garlic and pizza sauce which came with our order. Good thing they don’t charge extra for requesting additional sauces. While some people may want to dip their bite size crust into the sauce I love to gobble up my pizza with the sauces on the toppings.


Hmm… yummy….


They also gave some kind of green pepper which I did not try since it didn’t look appetizing to me. Some people might like it though.


Overall it was a good experience eating there. Anyone who loves pizza should drop by Papa John’s for its fresh pizzas.


Papa John’s Pizza
0B3-G1-1 & 2 & G1-129, Oasis Boulevard 3
Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

Sushi Zanmai @ Sunway Pyramid

7 11 2009

I had my lunch at Sushi Zanmai at Sunway Pyramid yesterday. This place was recommended by a colleague of mine since the prices are very reasonable. When we arrived there, the restaurant was already packed with people. Good thing we didn’t have to wait long before getting a seat.


We took the Salmon Maki (RM 3.80) for appetizer.


A Japanese meal won’t be complete without Ocha or green tea.


I ordered Unodon (15.80) which is basically Unagi with with Japanese rice. The slices of freshwater eel were very fresh while the thick sweet sauce tasted pretty good. No regret choosing this from the menu.


Here is a picture of Kakiage Don (RM 8.80) which consists of deep fried prawns with vegetables. Looks pretty good.

My other colleague took the Katsudon (RM 8.80). But instead of using deep fried pork, I believe the restaurant substituted it with chicken.

Soft Shell Crab Temaki (RM 4.80) is another all time favourite dish.


Here is a plate of fresh tempura…


And for something different, this is called Chicken Katsu Curry (RM 10.80) which is basically deep fried chicken with thick curry sauce. I had a bit of the sauce and I must say it tasted very rich. Highly recommended.


Overall this restaurant is a good choice for those looking to indulge in tasty Japanese cuisine.


Sushi Zanmai
First Floor, Japanese Street
Oasis Boulevard 2
Sunway Pyramid
Tel: 03-7492 3080

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