MSS 2011 Day 2: Fun under the Sun @ Smiley Beach Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa

9 10 2011

For some reason, the beach at Golden Palm Tree Resort is known as Smiley Beach. The first thing I asked myself was why is it called the Smiley Beach?

Perhaps, there are a lot of laughter and fun to be had there and hence the name or it could be the tire tracks left by trucks that forms smiling patterns on the sandy beach.

Whatever it may be, I know that there were definitely a lot of excitement that day. To even make the day even better, Golden Palm Tree was gracious enough to allow us to try out all the activities at the beach for one hour. Awesome!!

Pamela opted for wind surfing while some the other bloggers went kayaking and sailing.

It was a great deal of enjoyment as the bloggers tried to paddle their way into the sea with the waves hitting back at them.

Andi even got cheeky by standing on the kayak and ended up soaking in the water as he couldn’t maintain his balance. His antics certainly got the rest of us laughing.

Here are some of the other candid pictures taken…

The excitement didn’t stop thereas a group of bloggers got down and dirty on the sand by playing beach volley ball.

There were certainly a lot of interactions among the bloggers as they worked hand in hand to gain points for their team.

But in the end, it is not so much on which who actually won but rather the fun that everyone had in enjoying the game.

After getting ourselves soaked under the sun (not to mentioned getting wet in the sea), it was time to take a well deserved rest.

For those people who love water activities, there are certainly a lot of varieties at Golden Palm Resort.

For your information, Smiley Beach offers sailing, kayaking, stand up paddle, windsurfing, cart sailing, speed sail, bocce ball, beach football, beach volleyball, sepak takraw, stretching, ping pong and darts.

The beach is open from 9:30 a.m. till 6:00 p.m.

Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa Sdn. Bhd.
No. 67, Jalan Pantai Bagan Lalang
Kg. Bagan Lalang
43950 Sungai Pelek
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: +603 3182 3600
Fax: +603 3182 3700



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