MSS 2011 Day 2: Discovering the Amazing Low Tide Kingdom @ Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa

9 10 2011

After the enjoyable bicycle tour, we went for another interesting tour but this time around, we had to walk on our feet instead. Aptly called the Low Tide Tour, we set foot towards the sandy beach when the tide is low to learn about the eco life in the low tide kingdom.

While taking a stroll on the beach, I spotted many soldier crab or ‘Geramak’. These crab quickly dug a hole underneath the sand when I came close to them.

The soldier crab also left some pattern sand balls on the beach called sand art while they dug deep into the ground surface. This one caught my eyes as it looks like a palm tree. It is really fascinating looking at these amazing creatures.

While there was a lot of information given by the tour guide such as differentiating between male and female mussels, I was also amazed with the fact that Golden Palm Tree Resort is integrating eco tourism into part of their Escapade Discovery. This includes a mangrove river cruise which is a half day tour enjoying the tropical flora and fauna while cruising on the mangrove river.

We also learned about the formation of corals on the pillars supporting the villas and other interesting facts about mud skippers and etc.

For information on Low Tide Tour at Golden Palm Tree Resort, proceed to the Excursion Counter at the main lobby.

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