Restoran Shabu-Shabu @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

11 03 2010

A few weeks back, I brought my parents to Restoran Shabu-Shabu at Puchong for dinner. It was their first time visiting this place although I have been there several times. My previous attempts to take pictures at this restaurant with my old Sony Alpha 200 failed as the lighting was pretty difficult to get good shots. Thankfully, the Nikon D300 didn’t have such problem as it was able to cope with the low lighting easily.

What makes Restoran Shabu-Shabu different from the rest of the buffet steamboat restaurant is the manner in which the food are being served. Placed on the conveyor belt akin to those at a Japanese restaraunt, various foods will slowly make its way to all the side tables waiting for the customers to pick them up.

Each customer will have their own steamboat pot which is a good thing for those who like to cook their own choice of food rather than sharing with other friends.

I took these slurpee which came in the form of orange flavour.

And here are some shots I took while waiting for my food to cook. Crab stick…




Crabmeat balls…

Baby octopus (my favourite!)…

And a whole lot of other stuff to choose from…

For RM 26.90 per pax, it is certainly not cheap. But the variety of food to choose from kind of justify the price. A word of advice. It is better to go early as the place will be jam packed by 7 p.m. due to its popularity.

Restoran Shabu-Shabu
No. 55, Jalan Puteri 1/6
Bandar Puteri
47100 Puchong
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: 03-8063 5796

Open daily: 5:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Mak Long Warong Satay @ Jalan Puchong

8 02 2010

It’s rare to come across a ‘Warong’ indigeniously built on a former abandon wooden house. Mak Long Warong Satay is a prime example where minimal renovation provides the right dining ambiance akin to an old Kampung village. I spotted this place a few weeks back when its big banner was hung on its entrance. Feeling the appetite for satay (skewered meat), I decided to stop by this place to fill my stomach.

Rows of satay are seen stacked up on the red container waiting to be cooked.

I ordered the Mak Long ABC too which tasted not bad at all. Instead of the usual shaved ice dessert, they also include pineapple cubes and a dollop of red beans on the side.

And here are the satays. We ordered the chicken and beef variants as you can see here.

Each stick costs RM 0.70 which is just about the price you paid elsewhere. I prefer the chicken flavour as the meat is tender and sweet.

The best way to eat these skewered meat is with nasi impit (RM 1.00) and cucumber and onions with the spicy satay sauce.

Warong Satay Mak Long
Tel: 012-2434866
Located along Jalan Puchong (Batu 6) after turning in from Old Klang Road.

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