Paramount Garden Restaurant @ Petaling Jaya

30 11 2010

When I first heard about Loh Pan Mee at Paramount Garden Restaurant, I was quite skeptical as to how it would turned out to be. You see, most people including yours truly are accustomed to the normal Pan Mee version which comes in either soup based or dry (Kon Lou) style. But when Pan Mee is cooked with thick brown gravy, ala Loh Mee style, I just had to see how it would taste like.

Beside the Loh Mee style, I was also surprised to hear that the Pan Mee at Paramount Garden Restaurant comes in two variants, namely the normal version or the Spinach Pan Mee. The spinach Pan Mee can be easily identified with its green texture. The waiter recommended me to mix both type of noodles.

The Loh Pan Mee (RM 4.80 for medium size) doesn’t have the usual ingredients such as anchovies, black fungus or mushroom. Instead, those stuff are substituted with prawns, pork and fried foo chuk.

You can clearly see the combination of normal and spinach based noodle by its colour. Overall, the taste was acceptable although I still prefer the traditional Pan Mee.

And speaking of that, their normal Pan Mee (RM 4.30 for small) was pretty tasty.

Dried anchovies, minced pork, black fungus and mushrooms and vegetables all adds up to a delicious bowl of noodle.

Regardless of the many variants of Pan Mee nowadays, I still believe that the traditional one is the best, hands down.


Overall, I would say that the Paramount Garden is a worthwhile place to go for Pan Mee. This restaurant is usually packed during lunch hours. Go there early if you want to find a seat.

Paramount Garden Restaurant
55, Jalan 20/7
46300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: 012-686 8488 / 012-383 1568 / 03-7873 5703

Business Hours: 6:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. (daily)

Location Map

Restoran New Seaview @ Paramount Garden

2 11 2010

*Non-halal post*

When I was working at Paramount Garden many years back, I would frequent Restoran New Seaview for the cheap and delicious hawker food. The coffee shop which is just a stone throw away from the Caltex petrol station has over the years earned its reputation as a crowd favourite as far as their food is concern.

Just yesterday, I had a chance to have my lunch there with my colleagues. I ordered the famous pork noodle which costs RM 5 for a big bowl. When the food arrived, I was rather shocked to see the portion being smaller. When I asked the helper whether he mistook my order, he pointed out that it was the big portion.

Anyway, the bowl of pork noodle still the same as I remembered it to be. The soup was sweet and had enough pork flavour in it.

The usual ‘spare parts’ such as liver and intestine were found in the bowl of pork noodle.

The only thing is that I ate a better version of pork noodle at Restoran Ten-Tien Fatt a couple of months back. The portion was much bigger and it costs less too. On the nutshell, I wasn’t impressed with the pork noodle at Sea View anymore. Not only was the portion visibly smaller, the price was also more expensive.

Restoran New Seaview
Jalan 20/7
Paramount Garden
Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Location Map

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