Mother’s Day Celebration

16 05 2010

This year, we decided to celebrate Mother’s Day by having a pot luck style party. Everyone including yours truly have to whip up a dish to be shared among our family members. And it was a good way to spend the night together as most restaurants would be too crowded with overpriced menu anyway.

Here are some of the pictures taken. Fried macaroni with fishcake prepared by my brother in law…

Mango kerabu with fish and fried anchovies by my other half.

And fried spaghetti with button mushrooms, luncheon meat and long beans whipped up by yours truly.

The food weren’t that great except for the ayam masak merah (which I forgot to take a picture), but it was the feeling of having everyone chipping in some homecook food that makes it all worthwhile.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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