100 Yen @ Ipoh

17 06 2010

Right after a heavy afternoon downpour at Ipoh Town, I stopped by 100 Yen shop which is located right opposite of Ipoh Parade. 100 Yen prides itself for selling quality Japanese stuff ranging from kitchenware, candies, stationeries and a whole plethora of interesting items.  While I have come across many 100 Yen shops around KL, this one has to be the biggest by far.

Apart from the imported Japanese stuff, 100 Yen is also famous for its snow ice. Unlike our local Ais Batu Campur (ABC), 100 Yen’s snow ice is shaved from a block of frozen juice. The flavour therefore originates from ice rather than the syrup and other stuff found in our ABC. The texture of the ice is also worth mentioning. It is really fine. Once you put a scoop of ice into your mouth it will melt like ice-cream. The peanut flavour snow ice tasted really good. They added some chocolate syrup as well as some peanuts to compliment the taste. Nice!

Check out the fine texture of the ice..

I ordered the Mango flavoured once which is their best selling so far.

Besides the ice, they also added a few cubes of fresh mangoes. Absolutely yummy.

If you love icy cold dessert, make sure you make your way to any 100 Yen shop.

100 Yen Shop Sdn Bhd
Blok A & B, Jln Sultan Abdul Jalil
30450 Ipoh Perak

Location Map

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