Restoran PKS Maju @ Taman Sungai Besi Indah

25 05 2011

When Eric told me about a mamak shop which is famous for its Nasi Goreng Mamak (Mamak Fried Rice) at Seri Kembangan, I was more than eager to check it out. The best Nasi Goreng Mamak that I fondly remember was back in my college days. Back then, it was the staple food for me as I can’t afford to eat anywhere else with my measly pocket allowance. Still, it was really delicious but the shop has since been closed down.

So when I was driving to Taman Sungai Besi Indah to try the fried rice there, I was hoping it would taste at least as good as how I remembered my favourite Nasi Goreng Mamak to be. Restoran PKS Maju is located not far away from the Esso Station near to Mines Shopping Centre along Lebuhraya Sungai Besi.

Eric recommended the Nasi Goreng Mamak with fried chicken (RM 5) which comes with huge portion of rice and chunks of chicken meat. Thumbs up for that. The rice were fried with ample amount of spices yet it was not too overpowering with the taste of curry powder. Each grain of rice can be tasted inside the mouth with that goodness of “hmmmmm” satisfaction.

Comparatively speaking, the Nasi Goreng at PKS Maju does have a similar taste with the one I had back in my college days. Thumbs up!

As for the chicken (I save the best for last), it was moist and nicely marinated with spices. From what I understand, the chunks of fried chicken are fried together again with the rice thus producing an aromatic flavour of its original spices mixed with the ingredients of the fried rice.

The result? A lips smacking plate of fried rice!

I was telling Eric that eat spoonful of rice is just so heavenly good. And for RM 5, it is really value for money.

While there may be other Mamak restaurants out there which serves great fried rice, I will settle for Restoran PKS Maju to satisfy my hunger anytime!

Restoran PKS Maju
Jalan Sungai Besi Indah 1/18
43300 Seri Kembangan
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Location Map

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