Edward & Jane Wedding #3

16 11 2010

And finally, here are the pictures taken during the dinner. I actually post process the pictures into monotone to get a classical feel of the event that night. Do drop a comment if you like it 🙂


Edward & Jane Wedding #2

15 11 2010

Here are some of the photos taken for Edward and Jane during their wedding last weekend. Jane was all smiles during the entire event while Edward shared a few lighter moments during the morning session. I was touched by their wedding and how they really love each other.

Edward & Jane Wedding

13 11 2010

It has been a very tiring weekend. I was asked to help a friend of mine to do a wedding shoot. With literally no experience at all, I brave myself and started photographing for this very lovely couple. Here is one of the shot taken for the bride while she was looking out the window this morning.

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