Japanese Maneki Neko @ the Curve

26 07 2010

While walking around the Curve Street Market last two weeks, I stumbled across this particular stall offering Maneki Neko for sale. Maneki Neko (also known as Beckoning Cat), is a sculpture that is commonly made from ceramic which many people believe will usher good fortune when placed inside a shop or home.

While the more common Maneki Neko with its hand in upright swinging motion is nothing new, this particular stall was selling the piggy bank version which was extremely cute. The owner, Ms. Alice Chua was gracious enough to explain about the many variation of her Maneki Neko offerings. Each of the piggy bank differs from one another in subtle ways.Take for example, the Golden Bell which is meant to change the owner’s luck for the better.

The Gold Fish means abundance of wealth every year.

The Hyotan or drinking vessel signifies success in career and business

The back of the cat has more features such as the Fuji Mountain (represented by the wavy golden line) which is a symbol for moral support. There are also three egg plants underneath which help to make wishes come true. If you notice, there are two Koi fishes (yellow triangle) on both sides which help bring abundance of wealth every year.

The Meneki Neko isn’t cheap. I bought the medium size one which costs RM 88 after discount. But putting wishing thinking or skepticism aside, I find it to be made with such fine craftsmanship which justify the price tag. Here are some other pictures of the cat.

Maneki Neko can be bought from:-

Ikano Power Centre
1st Floor, Kiosk No. PC25
Mutiara Damansara


The Curve, Mutiara Damansara
Le Tresor Galleria
Lot 102, 102A, First Floor
47810 Petaling Jaya


The Curve Street Market

Ms. Alice Chua
012-331 1884

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