Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh @ Glenmarie

6 07 2010

Having tasted many Bak Kut Teh before this, I can conclusively categorize this dish into two groups. One is the original Klang version which features thick broth and strong scent of herbs and spices. The other type is a bit more watered-down and doesn’t have that thick flavoursome taste.

It doesn’t take a genius to know which one is more popular among the two. When I spotted Pao Xiang at Glenmarie recently, I was curious to find out how their Bak Kut Teh fares. Little did I know that this shop has a main outlet at Klang which is always packed with customers. Thankfully, the Glenmarie branch has lesser people.

The menu has a choice of ‘parts’ that you wish to order. Personally, I never like eating the pork fat as I find it to be unhealthy. Thankfully, Pao Xiang offers lean meat (Pai Kut and also Luan Kut) for RM 9.50 per serving.

Pai Kut means pork ribs which happens to be my favourite part of the pork meat. One thing for sure. The Pai Kut served at Pao Xiang is really HUGE! I have never come across pork ribs as big as this for Bak Kut Teh. The size of the ribs proves that Pao Xiang does not skimp on the food portion at all which is a definite plus for me.

When the dish came, the first thing I tasted was the broth. After having the first sip and I could easily conclude that Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh lives up to my expectations (and taste bud). The broth has a rich taste of herbs and spices. The meat was tender and nicely cook.

In fact, I must say that their Bak Kut Teh literally floored me with their rich taste of herbs and spices. I kept requesting the waiter to ‘Kah Tong’ (add soup) as I was really hooked to the taste.

The Luan Kut (Soft Bone) is equally yummy.

For those who prefer lean mean but in smaller chunks should go for this instead.

A great way to accompany the Bak Kut Teh is with a plate of fresh vegetables. We took the Yu Mark (RM 8.50) which was garnished with fried shallot. The crunchy sweet vegetables was a thumbs up for me.

I find it really delicious to eat it with white rice and the meat.

If I had to rate the food quality, I would say that it easily scores a 9 over 10. Yes, it has been quite a while since I feel excited blogging about a particular restaurant. Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh has left me feeling satisfied and has undoubtedly set a new benchmark as far as Bak Kut Teh is concern. I can’t help but to keep taking the picture of the food while eating as it was really good. I heard some portion of the pork meat are string tied to reduce the fats on the meat.

If you are a Bak Kut Teh lover, make sure you give this place a try.

The interior is air-conditioned and comfortable enough to sit through the entire meal without the sweaty feeling you get from eating in a regular coffee shop.

Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh
No. 20, Jalan Jurureka U1/40
Seksyen U1
40150 Glenmarie
Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan


Location Map

Fancy Mee Corner @ Glenmarie

26 06 2010

Fancy eating some delicious Pan Mee? Then head on down to Fancy Mee Corner (pun intended) at Glenmarie. Situated just next to Meng Kee Char Siew, this shop is usually crowded during lunch hour. Hence, I made a wise choice to stop by there for dinner instead as the restaurant was relatively empty during those hours.

Anyway, Fancy Mee Corner is famous for their variety of Pan Mee such as Fish Cakes Pan Mee, Curry Pan Mee, Mince Pork Pan Mee and etc. But for those who prefer the good old traditional Pan Mee, then ‘Mum’s Pan Mee Soup’ would be the obvious choice.

And how was the taste? Basically, it was how a good bowl of Pan Mee supposed to taste like. The usual ingredients such as mushrooms, fried anchovies, mine pork, fungus were included as well.

The Mince Pork Pan Mee was a welcome change for my taste bud. What makes this bowl of noodle so special was the fried fish cakes. As you can see, these fish cakes were nicely fried till golden brown. They were pretty crunchy too.

Once the minced pork sauce is mixed with the noodle, it sure looks appetizing.

If you are a Pan Mee lover (and even if you are not), do give this restaurant a try. As for me, I find their noodle to be quite tasty.

Fancy Mee Corner
No. 22, Ground Floor,
Jalan Pekedai U1/36
Hicom Glenmarie
40150 Shah Alam

Tel: 012-3589066

Location Map

Pick n’ Brew @ Glenmarie

17 06 2010

While looking for a place to eat around Glenmarie, we found this hidden gem tucked away in the industrial zone of the area. Pick n’ Brew is a nice and cozy restaurant located on the corner of CNI building at Jalan U1/17. It took us quite a fair bit of effort to locate this place but thanks to Google Map and some wrong turninsg, we managed to find it eventually.

First thing that struck me was how nice the interior was. I couldn’t help but to snap some pictures while waiting for our food to come.

And speaking about food, we opted for their set lunch which comes with a soup of the day, a main course and a choice of either coffee or tea.

The soup of the day happened to be Tomato Soup which tasted great.

There were three choices for the main course namely Herb Crusted Fish…

… Teriyaki Chicken.

I had the Grilled Lamb Shoulder and it was worth trying. The meat was nicely cooked without the usual gamey smell. Did I mention that it was very tasty too? Price wise, each set lunch costs RM 28.00 which is not cheap but the ambiance and food makes it worth it.

Pick n’ Brew
No. 2, Jalan U1/17
Hicom Glenmarrie Industrial Park
40000 Shah Alam

Tel: 03-55691216
Fax: 03-55685561

Location Map

Dine Out Restaurant @ Glenmarie

8 06 2010

The question that usually pops up among my colleagues during lunch hour is “Where are we eating today?” Having been to most restaurants around my office area, it is hard pressed to find something new to taste. Henceforth, it was sheer luck that we spotted this new restaurant called Dine Out at Glenmarie when I parked my car further from the usual location.

Although the restaurant carries a traditional Baba Nyonya theme, their food however, is not considered as such. According to the owner, Mr. Gilbert Chin, it is more appropriate to classify their food as authentic Chinese cuisine. Since they were offering a promotional set lunch for RM 9.50 nett, we decided to give it a try. At the moment, there are only two set lunch choices namely, Bean Paste Fish and Curry Chicken.

The Bean Paste Fish came with white rice and an assortment of side dishes. The fish, I believe is Ikan Kembung which was deep fried and covered with Bean Paste.

It may look simple enough but the taste was absolutely wonderful. Kind of reminds me of a good home cook meal. The side dishes were Choy Sam and long beans.

Again, don’t let the simple outlook fool you. The dishes were nicely cook and go well with the fish.

My colleagues took the Curry Chicken set meal. The curry chicken was pretty delicious looking. According to my colleague, the chicken meat was tender while the gravy was very flavoursome. I guess they really enjoyed it a lot.

Another shot of the chicken from another plate…

The Curry Chicken meal came with eggplants as the side dish.

The best thing about the set meal is that it comes with an unlimited serving of ice-creams. Just make your way to the ice cream storage and scoop and eat till you drop.

Interested to try some authentic Chinese cuisine? Well, head over to Dine Out Restaurant today to have a taste of some of the best meal you can taste around town.

Dine Out Restaurant
25 & 27, Jalan Juruaudit U1/37
Section U1 Glenmarie
41050 Shah Alam
Tel: 03-5569 5898 / 016-251 5539

Location Map

Restoran Meng Kee Char Siew @ Glenmarie

31 05 2010

Google “Meng Kee Char Siew” and you will find tons of rave reviews written about this famous restaurant by food bloggers. Therefore, it was no surprise that my colleague decided to bring me there one fine day to eat their famous Char Siew (BBQ roast pork) many months ago. Unfortunately, I did not bring my camera at that time but I can still vividly remember how awesome their Char Siew was.

Fast forward to three days ago when I took the advantage of the public holiday (Wesak Day) and drove there for breakfast. I was initially disappointed when their BBQ pork and roast chicken won’t be ready until 9 a.m. However, Meng Kee has started selling Wanton Mee from 7 a..m. till 9 a.m. to cater for early birds like yours truly.

Their Wanton Mee (RM 4.60 for large) was served with their famous Char Siew. A definite plus point for me as Meng Kee’s Wanton Mee wouldn’t be the same without including their well known BBQ pork.

Make no mistake… this is the best Char Siew I have tasted to far, period. The taste is just superb.

The Wanton Mee also came with fried Wanton which was crispy.

Too bad their soup based Wanton couldn’t compliment the otherwise perfect meal. I find their Wanton a bit small. The fillings didn’t taste that great either. The reason? They use pork fillings instead of prawn (but then again they are famous for pork so it is understandable).

The noodle has a springy texture and very tasty. I find myself slurping in those strands of noodles in no time at all!

Looks like this restaurant has earned another accolade for their Char Siew Wanton Mee!

Restoran Meng Kee Char Siew
No. 20, Jalan Pekedai U1/36
Hicom Glenmarie Industrial Park
40150 Shah Alam
Tel No: 019 – 379 3629

Location Map

MC Curry Noodles @ Glenmarie

23 05 2010

Last week, while venturing out of my office for lunch, I recalled my colleague mentioning about this famous curry noodle restaurant at Glenmarie, Shah Alam some time ago. And since my taste bud was itching for something spicy that day, we headed down to the place to find out what the buzz was all about.

The first thing that struck me was the name of the name of the restaurant called MC Curry which sounded like an infrignment of trademark of another famous fast food restaurant. But upon searching the Internet, I found out that the owner is actually a ‘Mat Salleh’ named Mcculloch (his grandfather was a Scottish that married a local Chinese), hence the word ‘MC’ on their signage.

My colleague ordered their curry noodle soup which comes with chicken meat, tau fu pock, cockles among other things. The soup smells good and according to her, it was certainly tasty.


I took the dry version of curry noodle. I know that curry noodle taste best with soup but curiosity got the better of me and decided to try that instead. Thankfully, it was good.

The gravy was thick and flavoursome. Coupled with generous amount of potatoes, fried shallots and black sauce, it was a lip smacking meal.

Since the place is very packed during lunch hours, it is advisable to go early to get a seat.

Restoran MC Curry Noodles
No.7 Jalan Juruaudit U1/37
Section U1, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor
Tel: 016 2770131

Location Map

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