Fancy Mee Corner @ Glenmarie

26 06 2010

Fancy eating some delicious Pan Mee? Then head on down to Fancy Mee Corner (pun intended) at Glenmarie. Situated just next to Meng Kee Char Siew, this shop is usually crowded during lunch hour. Hence, I made a wise choice to stop by there for dinner instead as the restaurant was relatively empty during those hours.

Anyway, Fancy Mee Corner is famous for their variety of Pan Mee such as Fish Cakes Pan Mee, Curry Pan Mee, Mince Pork Pan Mee and etc. But for those who prefer the good old traditional Pan Mee, then ‘Mum’s Pan Mee Soup’ would be the obvious choice.

And how was the taste? Basically, it was how a good bowl of Pan Mee supposed to taste like. The usual ingredients such as mushrooms, fried anchovies, mine pork, fungus were included as well.

The Mince Pork Pan Mee was a welcome change for my taste bud. What makes this bowl of noodle so special was the fried fish cakes. As you can see, these fish cakes were nicely fried till golden brown. They were pretty crunchy too.

Once the minced pork sauce is mixed with the noodle, it sure looks appetizing.

If you are a Pan Mee lover (and even if you are not), do give this restaurant a try. As for me, I find their noodle to be quite tasty.

Fancy Mee Corner
No. 22, Ground Floor,
Jalan Pekedai U1/36
Hicom Glenmarie
40150 Shah Alam

Tel: 012-3589066

Location Map

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