Pick n’ Brew @ Glenmarie

14 08 2010

I am always fascinated with how café in foreign countries can whip up a cup of coffee with hand-drawn patterns on the foam. When I had my lunch at Pick n’ Brew last week, I was ecstatic to find out that they also offer serve the same hand-drawn coffee or better known as ‘Graffiti Latte’.  Apparently, Graffiti Latte has been around for decades. What started from pouring simple pattern on the foam has evolved into a work of art in every drink.

Graffiti Latte at Pick ‘n Brew costs RM 10 per cup. Not a cheap price to pay considering I could get a similar drink elsewhere at a cheaper price. But the opportunity to see the Graffiti Latte myself was something worth paying for.

I was gasping in awe when I saw the cup. It was really a work of art!

A closer look…

I also took the black pepper seafood (RM 24).

There were prawns, clams and squid cooked with spaghetti with black pepper sauce.

For that price, I would expect a great tasting meal. Unfortunately, the black pepper taste was too overpowering.

Still, what amazes me what the Graffiti Latte. Food wise, it was rather disappointing for me.

Pick n’ Brew
No. 2, Jalan U1/17
Hicom Glenmarrie Industrial Park
40000 Shah Alam

Tel: 03-55691216
Fax: 03-55685561
email: customer@picknbrew.com

Location Map

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