La Cucur @ Suria KLCC

12 03 2011

One early morning, I was walking around Suria KLCC looking for a nice breakfast meal. That is when I stumbled across La Cucur which is  located at the concourse level of the shopping mall. As far as I know, La Cucur has been around for a long time and has build quite a steady reputation over the years. I ordered their nasi lemak chicken which costs RM 8.50 per plate. The dish came with roasted peanuts, anchovies as well as sambal.

The sambal has a bit of sourish tangy taste to it. Personally, I prefer sambal to have a slight sweet spicy taste but that is just my own preference.

The rice must also be firm and not sticky. The one at La Cucur was not too bad though I have tasted a better version at Village Park, Damansara Uptown. The highlight of the dish was the chicken rendang.

The chicken meat was tender and cooked with sufficient spices and other condiments.

If only the sambal and the rice was prepared to my liking I would definitely give this place a thumbs up.

La Cucur
Suria KLCC
Concourse Level
Ramlee Mall (C33)
Jalan Ampang
50088 Kuala Lumpur

Location Map

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