My Equipment

Currently, I am using Nikon D300 with a 50mm f1.8 prime lens and 16-85 mm f3.5 – 5.6 zoom lens. It is an upgrade over my first SLR camera which was a Sony Alpha 200. There are a lot of debate over which camera brand is the best. If you ask me, all cameras are capable of producing really good pictures. It is only a means towards an end. What really makes a photo stands out is the photographer themselves.

I always stick to the notion that we are all photographers, not brand bashers. So no matter which camera you are using, the most important thing is to capture that perfect ‘Kodak moment’.

Update: Ever since my original gears were stolen by a snatch thief, I am currently using a 2nd hand Nikon D300 with a 17-55 F2.8 Nikkor Lens.

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21 10 2009

nigel, in your blog page, there wasn’t any column where i can randomly leave a message (like a chat box or something) but just want to congratulate you on your shifting and also this new blog address…. may many more great stories come from you…keep up the good work!!!

26 10 2009

Let me try to work on that chat box that you suggested…

22 12 2009
Gary Leong

Hi dude.
got cha….
nice pictures you have there with amelia in putrajaya.
Mine didn’t turn out good.
we will go out again shooting?

22 12 2009

Sure man! Do let me know where you wanna shoot. I wanna learn from you too.

24 04 2011
Kenneth Tang

Stolen by a snatch thief???…man…I feel you bro.

What happened during that scene?

25 04 2011
Nigel Low

Thanks Kenneth for all your comments. The camera was stolen during broad daylight by a snatch thief on motorbike. Nowadays it is good to take precaution wherever we go.

2 08 2011

Bro, can you create some tutorial or guide for foto shooting and retouching like you did. Other thing if i want to use some of your picture for my blog, will I? You make very nice pic. Tq

2 08 2011
Nigel Low

Hi Halal Packet. Yes you can use my pics, just insert a line where the pics came from 🙂

As for tutorial, well, I was planning to do that but I feel I am not qualified to be a guru yet 🙂

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