Yoke Peng @ Bukit Jalil

25 08 2011

Here is a preview shot of Yoke Peng taken at Bukit Jalil. She was the last model to be shot that day (I am supposed to upload the earlier ones first…) but somehow this picture caught my eyes. Stay tuned for the rest of the pictures soon!

Erica @ Bukit Jalil

22 08 2011

Here are some of the pictures taken for Erica who has been featured in this blog previously. She has a natural flair in posing and it was really easy to take her pictures.


Sin Yein @ Bukit Jalil

21 08 2011

Last two weekends, I had a chance to shoot with Sin Yein and her friends at Bukit Jalil. Although it was Sin Yein’s first photo shoot, she did quite well. Here are some of the pictures taken that day.

Mirbek & Meerim @ Bukit Jalil

20 07 2011

I had a photoshoot session with Mirbek and Meerim this morning. It was a very brief shoot as Meerim had to rush off to sit for her exams which was starting at noon. Despite the rush, Meerim wanted some pictures with Mirbek as he came all the way to Malaysia to surprise her. Aww… isn’t both of them romantic?

Wei Ling @ Kelana Jaya

5 04 2011

Last two weekends, I joined a couple of photographers for a portrait shooting event. Despite the hot weather, the event turned out pretty well. Wei Ling was natural in front of the camera which makes it easy for me to shoot her. Here are some of the pictures taken that day.

Erica @ Putrajaya #2

6 01 2011

I really enjoyed my photoshoot session with Erica. When I was browsing through the pictures after the session, I told her that the photos turned out great. Erica has a natural flair to pose in front of the camera. Kudos to her for making the session truly memorable. Here are some of my favourite pictures taken that day.

Erica @ Putrajaya

4 01 2011

While browsing through the pictures that I took for my cousin, Erica, I spotted this particular one which caught my eye. Erica is really photogenic and it was easy to take her shots from any angle. More pictures to come…


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