Restoran Kuang Fei @ Tangkak

3 10 2011

While my friends have always rave about how tasty beef noodles are, I was never a fan of this dish until I stumbled across Restoran Kuang Fei at Tangkak. It didn’t take me long to find this place as Tangkak is a small town and everyone there know where this restaurant is located.

Apparently, Tangkak is very famous for its beef noodles and even Singaporeans would drive up all the way just to savour a bowl of this mouth watering meal.

Each bowl of beef noodle (RM 6 for big, RM 5 for medium) is served with beef (obviously) and cow stomach.

The sight cow stomach may not appeal many people, but it was certainly tasty.

Word of advice. Do order the big portion as the small bowl is too small and will hardly fill up your stomach.

The kuey teow noodle is noticeably larger than the ones I normally seen in KL. Taste wise, there is nothing I could fault about it. The soup has ample herbal taste with a tinge of salted vegetables flavour.

The meat and cow stomach were moist and easy on the mouth. It is no surprise that this restaurant has earned its reputation as one of the best beef noodle for so many years.

It is also worth mentioning that Kuang Fei set up its kitchen right in front of the shop to show its customers how the meal is being prepared hygienically. Thumbs of for its cleanliness.

If you happened to be driving around the southern region of Peninsular Malaysia, make sure you do give this place a try.

Restoran Kuang Fei
No. 20, Jalan Solok
84900, Tangkak
Johor Darul Takzim

Tel: 012- 6373 768 or 06-9783 768

Location Map



One response

6 10 2011
Isaac Tan

yum yum! but all the way to Johore, been there only a couple of times while courting my wife when she was still studying there,. Lol!

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