Chee Kiong & Yan Wedding Day #2

27 09 2011

After an eventful day, I was expecting Chee Kiong & Yan’s wedding dinner to be a quieter affair. How wrong was I! The night was filled with even more colourful events such as live band music and numerous performances that kept the guests entertained. The groomsmen also gave a surprise performance by singing a song together on the stage. On this note, I would like to wish this lovely couple, my heartiest congratulations and many happy journeys ahead. Here are some of the pictures taken…



2 responses

7 10 2011

Hi Nigel,

Not sure if you remember me, but i’m Maegan from Cuscapi.. and you posted my picture (the one with my son). Didn’t notice you were the photographer for that night. Anyway, nice pictures..! Take care..


7 10 2011
Nigel Low

Hi Maegan. I thought you had forgotten me. Lol! Anyway glad that I bumped into you during the wedding night. Take care!

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