Pan Heong @ Batu Caves #2

8 09 2011

It is rare that I blog about the same restaurant twice in a short span time. No, it is not that I am running out of ideas on where to eat but rather, Pan Heong’s Wat Tan Hor (Flat Rice Noodle with egg gravy) is awesomely delicious that it is hard to resist not wanting to have another plate of the silky smooth flat noodle with thick egg yolk based gravy.

Yes folks, the food at Pan Heong is that good and this was clearly seen from the massive Sunday morning crowd who were all lining up patiently for a table to sit when I was there during my second visit. Make sure you order a plate of Wat Tan Hor as this is their signature dish. The first thing you will notice is how yellowish the gravy is.

The texture is akin to half boiled egg; thick, concentrated and mouth-watering.

While I am singing praises about its gravy, the noodles deserve some accolade as well.

It took a couple of attempts to take the picture below as the noodles kept sliding off the pair of chopsticks. Hands down, this is the best Wat Tan Hor ever.

The Mee Mamak is no slouch either. While my other half said that there was a tinge of ‘kan sui’ (lye water) smell, I couldn’t taste it at all.

For a Chinese restaurant selling a dish which is more popularly known at Indian restaurants, I must say it is really impressive.

Just about every table at Pan Heong had a plate of Mee Mamak and that shows how good it is.

Sadly, the ‘Nam Yue Fah Yuk’ (deep fried pork with red fermented beancurd) wasn’t up to my expectation that day.

It could be that we spent a lot of time photographing the dish and it became cold under the fan. The skin was not crispy enough. Still it won’t deter me from ordering it again next time.

We also decided to try out their fish porridge for the first time after seeing customers slurping spoonful of porridge with ‘tin kai’ (frogs). We opt for the fish porridge instead and it didn’t disappoint me.

Chunks of fish meat and century egg can be clearly seen from each scoop of porridge.

Being a porridge lover, I find the texture just right. Not too thick, not too watery.

The fish meat was certainly fresh and though I never like century egg, I didn’t mind eating them at all that day.

This is the first time I seen crystalised century egg. Check out the texture.

It is really easy to recommend this place as my friends (and your truly) enjoyed eating the food that day. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with their signature dishes. I will definitely visit this place over and over again. Just remember to go there early to avoid the long queue.

Check out my first write up about Pan Heong here.


Restoran Pan Heong
No. 2, Jalan Medan Batu Caves 2
68100 Batu Caves
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: 6187 7430

Business Hours: 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m

Location Map



2 responses

9 09 2011
Baby Sumo

This is my fav place for sang har hor fun. So yummy and affordable.

9 09 2011
Nigel Low

I haven’t tried the Sang Har Hor Fun yet… Must give it a try since it look so yummy too 🙂

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