My journey so far…

7 09 2011

It has been a good one half year since I started this blog. It also marks the same time frame that I purchased my Nikon SLR camera.

Some of you may not know that I have an older blog which is now defunct as it was a mishmash of the earlier pictures I took with my first Sony Alpha 200 camera plus a lot of writings about my personal life.

Back then, I had no idea why I bought that camera other than the fact that I wanted to take better food pictures which my camera phone wasn’t able to. I was a trigger happy photographer back then.

Looking back at my photographic journey, I realized how much I have evolved. Instead of merely making snapshots of my surroundings, I have learned what Joe McNally termed as photographer with a purpose.

A photo has to be visually arresting enough to tell a story about the subject. Each picture should eloquently speaks about a theme or a story about the people, the place, the culture in pure visual language.

Admittedly, my ability to express that visual language is still in its infancy stage. I know that to express that language, that vision, I will need to constantly move forward, to learn how to communicate the story as clearly as possible with compelling photography.

This is where I believe MySelangor Story 2011 will be able to provide me with a good platform to chase after that vision. This tourism blogging trip will be an excellent opportunity for me to visually capture the people, places and culture in an all-expense-paid by Selangor Tourism. I hope that I will be one of the lucky participants to capture the many pictures that will inform the mind and move the heart of the people.

This is definitely a trip worth taking. Wish me luck!



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7 09 2011

I really think it would be a blast to have you take part in MSS 2011. Different people look at things from a different angle, and yours would be one I’d look forward reading.

Btw, the magic of having a blog (especially when it’s old) is that, you can see how far you’ve grown since.

So here’s to a great adventure ahead wherever you are!

7 09 2011
Nigel Low

Thanks for your kind words 🙂

8 09 2011

good luck Nigel (from one friendly competitor to another..) lol.. love your photos by the way.

9 09 2011

Hello Nigel Low.. congratz for #MSS2011 hope I will be the next as the chosen one hehehe

9 09 2011
Nigel Low

Hi there. Wishing you all the best too!

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