My Europe Trip # 6 (Madrid)

19 07 2011

Being Spain’s largest city, I didn’t manage to explore the entire city of Madrid during my two days stay there. Still, it was beautiful place, particularly the atmospheric and colourful sights at Plaza Mayor, which I spend most of my time there taking pictures during my last day stay in Europe.

1. Plaza Mayor is usually packed with people throughout the day and night. Built in the 17th century, the place was traditionally used as a market but has since turned into a major tourist attraction with many festivals, street markets, performers held there.

2. A talented street performer was playing music by rubbing his fingers along the rims of wine glasses filled with water along the street of Madrid.

3. A lady dressed in a silver costume was seen posing as a maid cleaning the ‘floor’.

4. Another street performer dressed up as a goat at Plaza Mayor which caught the attention of many tourists.

5. It is a customary practice to give some money to these performers before pictures can be taken. I tried to shoot this particular ‘Spider-man’ before he turned his back on me and said “No money, no picture.” Note: There was also a miniature Spider-man in between his legs.

6. This headless man in a black suit was a real eye catcher. I took this shot using a long range lens while he was walking down the street.

7. It was amazing to see how this man made huge bubbles using only two sticks attached to a string.

8. A military man in copper red giving me a salute when I dropped a few cents into the can.

9. Plaza de la Villa or Town Hall Square is located not far away from Plaza Mayor. Till today, the town hall still retains its 16th century Gothic architecture.

10. Some random shots taken around the city of Madrid.

11. A wide angle shot of Palacio Real de Madrid or The Royal Palace of Madrid.

12. A headless man was seen sitting outside the palace.

13. This photographer uses his wooden box camera to take portrait pictures in black and white print in front of the Royal Palace. Scores of tourists were waiting in line for their picture to be taken.

14. Another shot of the photographer in front of the Royal Palace.

15. Each picture takes around 30 minutes to be ready by rinsing the film with water inside the blue bucket on the left. The photographer’s wife was helping a tourist to pose in front the camera.

16. Another headless man sitting along the street in front of the palace.

17. Statue of a Gothic King built at Plaza de Oriente.

18. The best way to explore Madrid is by walking its street. One can also explore the city by joining the numerous walking tours organised by the municipal tourist office or alternatively, hopping onto the city tourist bus as seen at the bottom right of the picture.

19. Located at Plaza de Cibeles, the Madrid City Hall is an iconic symbol of the city.

20. ‘Superman’ standing boldly among the crowd near Plaza Mayor.

21. Spongebob SquarePants was spotted selling balloons along the street.

22. This ‘bronze man’ was sitting without any visible support.

23. Another shot of the bronze man from side.

24. A man dressed up as a monster standing in front of Burger King.

25. A group of people in costumes were parading along the street at Plaza Mayor during Sunday morning. Apparently, street parades are common on Sundays where tourists gather at the plaza to watch these colourful performances. There were also marching bands, dancers and musicians joining the rest of the ensemble.

26. Some other shots taken at the street parade.

27. This man was attempting to do a ‘teh-tarik’ stunt using a cup and a bottle of liquor.

28. A man with red plastic hair wig was walking towards the plaza while checking his text messages.

29. A man dressed up as Mickey Mouse was seen selling balloons during mid afternoon.

30. Two woman walking from the Plaza Mayor Arch towards the street market.



2 responses

4 08 2011
Andrew Petcher

Some great pictures there. I love Spain and the concept of the Plaza Mayor, there is nothing to compare with it in the UK. My favourites – Chinchon, Trujillo, Almagro, Sergovia and Ciudad Real!

4 08 2011
Nigel Low

Thanks Andrew!

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