Secret of Louisiana @ Plaza Kelana

15 04 2011

A while back, I got to know of this restaurant called Secret of Louisiana which is located along the LDP highway. This might as well be the best kept secret (pun intended) so far as Secret of Louisiana offers some of the best western cuisine that I had tried so far.

First up is the famous Seafood Gumbo (RM 20.90). Seafood Gumbo is actually a mixture of seafood cooked with thick creamy sauce, herbs and cheese and served with toasted garlic bread. While it may be a bit salty for some people, I find the taste just nice for me. Perhaps my taste bud leans towards salty food but the rich texture of the gumbo compliments the crispy toasted bread very well.

Next up is the Louisiana Famous Shrimps Scampi (RM 28.90). Although the price may not be cheap, the restaurant certainly did not skimp on the portion. The inclusion of huge shrimps certainly made it worth the price to pay.

From what I know, that the shrimps are chargrilled and cooked a mixture of cajun spices and other herbs. Again, I was told by the captain that Secret of Louisiana uses a lot of herbs resulting in the dish tasting a bit more salty.

If you do fancy seafood, then go for the Creole Grilled Seafood Platter (RM 69.90). According to their menu, this is the richest seafood platter ever which comes with crawfish, prawns, clams, mussles, fish fillets, calamari and scallops.

I must admit… the list is certainly exhaustive and will delight any seafood lover!

The dish was accompanied with BBQ and citrus sauce. Just look at how appetizing the dish is!

And here is the Smoked Salmon Tossed Pasta (RM 28.90).

The highlight of the dish was of course, the slices of smoked salmon which were topped with toasted garlic and chilli.

And finally, for something a bit ‘lighter’ do try the Fisherman Seafood Olio (RM 28.90).

With the absence of the usual spaghetti sauce, the Fisherman Seafood Olio was cooked with olive oil, button mushrooms and assorted seafood.

Admittedly, dining at Secret of Louisiana isn’t a cheap affair, the food and great ambiance do make up for the price to pay. Did I tell you that the restaurant is located next to the lake side with a beautiful view?

If you are into Western food, then make it a point to drop by this place. Oh, if you are looking forward to try their pizza, please note that they do not serve pizza on Sundays.

Secret of Louisiana
Block D-01-01
Jalan SS7/13A @ The Lake
Plaza Kelana Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: +603 – 7875 5230
Mobile:    +6012 – 983 0230 / +6012 – 803 3230
Fax:     +603 – 7877 9230


Location Map

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