E Garden Recipe @ SS2 Mall

3 02 2011

SS2 Mall has recently opened its door to the neighbourhood of Petaling Jaya. Although the occupancy rate is still at its minimal level, there were a couple of restaurants that were already opened. One of them is E Garden Recipe.

From outside the place looks nicely decorated with a homely feel.

E Garden prides itself to serving food that are organic, natural and healthy.

I ordered their set lunch which consists of curry chicken noodle and peach tea.

The noodle comes with a choice of normal vermicelli rice noodle or brown rice noodle.

There were also chicken meat, long beans and tau fu pock.

Coincidentally, the gas supply was disrupted that day and I was told that most of the dishes from their menu cannot be cooked. Perhaps this was the reason why the meal that I had wasn’t very impressive.

I find the curry taste too overpowering. Then again, since they are serving organic food, perhaps the taste was meant to be that way, presumably using organic ingredients.

I have yet to taste their other food, but for the time being, their curry noodle won’t be my choice of dish to order there.

E Garden Recipe
LG 55 SS2 Mall
SS2 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Location Map



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