Brother Yat @ Subang Industrial Park

16 12 2010

My colleagues decided to hold a farewell dinner for me end of last month and after reading some blog reviews, we headed over to Brother Yat for their famous Sauna Prawn. Sauna Prawn may sounds rather intriguing and it was since we get to see how it was prepared. Live prawns ( RM 33 – 400gm) were put inside a steamy pot and together with a glass of beer.

According to the staff, the bottom part of the pot contains hot stones (it could be volcanic rock) which emits the steam once the beer touches it surface. The prawns were being cooked for a minutes or so and voila… fresh prawns with a hint of beer taste.

Honestly, I was expecting more beer aroma but it wasn’t the case. Nevertheless, the prawns were fresh indeed.

We also took the Pork Knuckle with Mongolian Sauce (RM 40) which will certainly delight pork lovers. There was a generous serving of pork meat (a mixed combination of fat and lean meat) and the sauce has a unique taste to it.

The Green Curry with Fish Head (RM 36 – 800 gm) was my least favourite. Not that it tasted bad but I supposed we had too much of the pork and our stomach couldn’t take any more food. It was also spicy with lots of ingredients inside.

The stir fried ‘lin ngau’ or lotus roots (RM 12) has a light taste to it which was certainly a welcome change after eating all the ‘heavy stuff’.

I also like the Homemade Tofu (RM 12) as as good as it gets. I always enjoy eating tofu and this dish has a thumbs up from me.

Brother Yat is certainly a noteworthy place to go. Apart from the fact that it is located in an industrial area (which may sound rather strange for a chinese restaurant) just opposite Mydin, food was good enough to warrant a second visit.

Brother Yat Restaurant
Lot B1-765, Jalan Subang 4
47500 Subang Jaya

Tel: 012-6846276

Location Map

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