KL International Motorshow 2010 (KLIMS) @ Putra World Trade Centre

5 12 2010

I was anticipating for the KL International Motorshow 2010 (KLIMS) for the longest time. If I recalled correctly, the last KLIMS was held many years back and I have fond memories of attending for the event. Ever since then, there was no news about the forthcoming car exhibition until middle of this year when I started seeing advertisements on newsprint. Yesterday was the official opening day for KL International Motorshow 2010 at Putra World Trade Centre and I was the first few to get in line to buy the tickets. To my surprise there were many visitors who were already queuing up as early as 9 a.m. and many more came during mid-day. Hence it was quite a challenge to take pictures with the influx of crowd. Anyway, here are some of the shots taken of the models during the event.



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6 12 2010
KLIMS 2010 showgirls

[…] As mentioned earlier I didn’t snap much pics during my Sunday visit; sharing these photos by Nigel […]

7 12 2010

The Proton girls’ uniforms look like shit. But then it is Proton, what do you expect…

10 12 2010
Rosamundwo.com » Blog Archive » KL International Motor Show 2010 (KLIM 2010) 03 – 12 Dec 2010 – PWTC

[…] to Nigel for all these lovely girls photos from KLIM 2010 .gallery-item {width: 25%;} […]

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