MC Curry @ Glenmarie

17 10 2010

When I dropped by MC Curry for lunch yesterday, I was delighted to see the printouts from my earlier write up about their food were still pasted on the front stall. Hence, it was no surprise that the owner, Mr. Mcculloch still recognise me. When I asked him whether there was anything new to try that day, he quickly pointed to the signage at the back of him which reads ‘Hot Wok Mee’. That explains why there were stacks of little woks and bamboo baskets at the front of the counter.

While most people would know that MC Curry is famous for their curry noodle, I was curious to find out how their Hot Wok Mee (RM 4.80) fares.

After taking my first bite, I was glad to say that it didn’t disappoint me at all. The taste was just right. When I sipped the soup, it was like ‘Mmmm…..’ with a gleeful smile. The fresh ingredients (prawns, pork slices and fish cakes contributes to the yumminess of the meal.

Although the soup was piping hot, the shape of the Yee Mee was still in the original cake form indicating that it was cooked without being overly soggy.

The soup reminds me of the Cantonese fried noodle variant. Overall, it was a two thumbs up for me.

My colleague took the dry curry noodle (RM 4.30 for small portion).

According to my colleague, the curry was flavoursome which was hardly surprising given it is one of MC Curry trademark meal. There were generous amount of fried shallots covering the chicken meat.

Judging from the picture, and what I wrote about it in my previous post and one can safely assume that the taste is still very good.

Some pictures of the sifu in action. Mr. Mcculloch prepares the food himself. Don’t let the picture fool you. He is a very friendly man and will give you a warm smile if he is not too busy. Overall, we were all happy with our lunch. With good food at reasonable price, MC Curry is definitely my choice of place to eat at Glenmarie.

Restoran MC Curry Noodles
No.7 Jalan Juruaudit U1/37
Section U1, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor
Tel: 016 2770131

Location Map



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