Restoran ASV @ Melaka

29 09 2010

When my brother-in-law brought my family to eat Mee Rebus in Melaka, I didn’t know that a plate of Mee Rebus costs only RM 2. Yes, that is right. At Restoran ASV (which is actually a make shift Mamak stall underneath a big tree), the food is ridiculously cheap. In fact, the inexpensive meals are probably the main reason for the huge afternoon crowd when I was there.

The big question is what can we expect from a RM 2 meal? Well, Restoran ASV certainly did not skimp on the portion. The yellow thick noodles were complimented with thick curry sauce.

Cucumber and chili slices were also served together with fried shallots on the top.

Taste wise, I find the gravy too overpowering with strong curry taste. It was only average given that I can’t taste anything else other than the curry flavour. However, at RM 2 one shouldn’t be complaining too much. At the very least it was a decent meal.

The ABC (Shaved Ice) costs only …. RM 1!

Again, do not expect the best tasting dessert but it was oklah.

Restoran ASV
Jalan Zahir 19
75250 Melaka

Location Map



One response

29 09 2010

rm2 is cheap. It looks a bit different from jb’s. The famous one in jb has thicker gravy.

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