Restoran Sri Nirwana Maju @ Bangsar Baru

18 07 2010

Mention banana leaf rice in Bangsar and most people would agree that Sri Nirwana Maju serves one of the best banana leaf rice around town. This barebone restaurant is a far cry from the rows of more up-class dining outlets at Jalan Telawi 3. There are no down-lights nor fancy decorations to be found here. Instead, what you get is a good serving of banana leaf rice.

Despite the hoards of customers at this restaurant, service was exceptionally fast. Within minutes, the banana leaf was laid on the table with white rice place on top of the leaf. Then came the deep fried bitter gourd and sliced long beans generously poured beside the rice.

One thing good about banana leaf rice is the unlimited serving of vegetables.

And to compliment the meal, a few crunchy crackers or papadum provides a good appetizer.

We ordered the fried sotong which was nicely marinated and deep fried.  Don’t forget to squeeze the lime for the tinge of sour taste.

The fried chicken was equally good as well. Although it was a bit cold, I could still taste the richness of the various spices that were used to fried with it.

When it comes to Indian cuisine, I like my dish to be flooded with curry. The combination of main and side dishes mixed together made the meal really delicious. The meal costs RM 28.10 for two people with drinks.

If you want to drop by there for lunch or dinner, be prepared to wait for a table. The restaurant is packed with people almost everyday. Still, what’s a fair bit of waiting time compared to the great meal to be had?

Sri Nirwana Maju
43, Jalan Telawi 3
59100 Bangsar Baru
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 2287 8445

Location Map



8 responses

19 07 2010
Salina Inzaghi

wah abang..i never thought indian food could look this good…and cheap too!

23 07 2010

Abang Nigel, I went to this shop before and ended up eating with my hand and topping up the rice 2 times. Yes, their chicken is so tasty that I left the bones sparkled shine.

Should pull over and get a taste of it to those who haven’t try it before.

23 07 2010

Abang batman.. The sotong goreng is nicer. Heheh

30 07 2010
Muhammad Johan

There is possibilty 2 compare wif my most admirable restaurant in 1999….Which restaurant????Restoran Warisan Emas…I do not know where is that know….MIRACLE!The best food ever I tasted in my life,THE FRIED CHICKEN!

30 07 2010

Lamanya taste kau…Now is 2010 and baru kau teringat kat Warisan Emas tu….But I also felt the familiarity bila makan ayam goreng kat kedai ni…Baru aku realize…Rindu gak masa dulu lepak kat Warisan Emas tu malam2…

30 07 2010
Muhammad Johan

Hari tu Chong kata dah post comment pasal Warisan Emas…He the one tell and remind me of Warisan Emas tu…Mesti kedai ni pun profitable macam our admirable restaurant tu…Manalah Warisan Emas pi???Best best place,food and time!!!!!!!

3 08 2010

I comment tempat lainlah. I tak tau yang Ravi suruh comment under kedai ni. Sorilah,wei. Memang Warisan Emas tu tak boleh lupalah. Semuanya sedap! WHERE ARE YOU MR.WARISAN EMAS? We miss your restaurant food. Hope see you again.

31 08 2011

Nirwana Maju bangsar is the wost place I have ever went, Iwas there yesterday with my office people and the lady owner if the place basically was so rude to us while taking the order and the whole experience was so bad service, We have banned the place now.

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