Big N’ Tasty @ McDonald’s

24 06 2010

McDonald’s started their McValue lunch promotion sometime back and it was a good thing for those who want to have a cheap meal. Recently, they introduced a new burger called Big N’ Tasty burger which is essentially the same with their classic Quarter Pounder albeit with more vegetables. The meal (together with fries and soft drinks) costs RM 11.15 for a medium size set.

Basically, the burger consists of a 1/4 pound beef patty with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and ketchup. This is one of my favourite burger apart from the Quarter Pounder.

And the fries…. McDonald’s serves the best fries as compared to KFC or Wendy’s. Definitely a great way to start off an appetizing meal!



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25 06 2010

I am always intrigued by how fast food like McDonald’s or KFC taste much better in Asia than in the states here.

Base on my memories from back in more than 10 years ago, all of the fast food in M’sia just somehow tasted different…better should I say, than those in the US.

I refused to eat the original recipe of the KFC here because the batter of the chicken is just way too salty without much flavor to it, but thank god they came out with this grill recipe which I absolutely adore. Yet, I remember back in M’sia, the original fried chicken was so darn good, not only tht the skin was crispy, the flavor of the batter was just right too. Not sure if things have change after all these years ….

29 06 2010

Mcd is the food I will think of if I got nothing to eat. Anyway I’m hungry now. What shall we eat tonight?

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