Sun Seng Fatt @ Ipoh Old Town

16 06 2010

Once we reached Ipoh town, I did some quick search on the Internet to find out the best place to eat. One of the highly recommended restaurant was at Nam Heong but I couldn’t locate it despite taking a few rounds around the area. To make things worst, most of the coffee shops were closed as it was a public holiday. Fortunately, we spotted Sun Seng Fatt at the intersection of Jalan Market and Jalan Bandar Timah.

From what I know, this place is well known for its Curry Noodle  (RM 4.00). In fact, when I asked the waiter to recommend what to eat, he quickly mention their Curry Noodle without any hesitation. The gravy was thick and the curry smell was very strong. It seems like they put a lot of curry powder in preparing the soup as can be seen from the colour of the curry soup. I guess it is a matter of personal preference but to me, I find it a little too overwhelming for my taste bud.

We also tried their Hor Fun which a well known fare in Ipoh. Again, I ended up not very impressed by it. While the curry was too strong for my liking, the Hor Fun was surprisingly watered down. I could hardly taste much from the soup which is the first thing I go for in a dish like this.

The noodle was smooth while the prawns were fresh. Somehow there wasn’t ‘t any ‘oomph’ I got from eating this. Still the steady stream of customers in the shop proves otherwise. Perhaps this is how Ipoh version of Curry Noodle and Ipoh Hor Fun should be.  I even read a lot of positive reviews from other food blogs around.

32, Jalan Market
30000 Ipoh
Tel: 012-5073536

Location Map

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