Dine Out Restaurant @ Glenmarie

8 06 2010

The question that usually pops up among my colleagues during lunch hour is “Where are we eating today?” Having been to most restaurants around my office area, it is hard pressed to find something new to taste. Henceforth, it was sheer luck that we spotted this new restaurant called Dine Out at Glenmarie when I parked my car further from the usual location.

Although the restaurant carries a traditional Baba Nyonya theme, their food however, is not considered as such. According to the owner, Mr. Gilbert Chin, it is more appropriate to classify their food as authentic Chinese cuisine. Since they were offering a promotional set lunch for RM 9.50 nett, we decided to give it a try. At the moment, there are only two set lunch choices namely, Bean Paste Fish and Curry Chicken.

The Bean Paste Fish came with white rice and an assortment of side dishes. The fish, I believe is Ikan Kembung which was deep fried and covered with Bean Paste.

It may look simple enough but the taste was absolutely wonderful. Kind of reminds me of a good home cook meal. The side dishes were Choy Sam and long beans.

Again, don’t let the simple outlook fool you. The dishes were nicely cook and go well with the fish.

My colleagues took the Curry Chicken set meal. The curry chicken was pretty delicious looking. According to my colleague, the chicken meat was tender while the gravy was very flavoursome. I guess they really enjoyed it a lot.

Another shot of the chicken from another plate…

The Curry Chicken meal came with eggplants as the side dish.

The best thing about the set meal is that it comes with an unlimited serving of ice-creams. Just make your way to the ice cream storage and scoop and eat till you drop.

Interested to try some authentic Chinese cuisine? Well, head over to Dine Out Restaurant today to have a taste of some of the best meal you can taste around town.

Dine Out Restaurant
25 & 27, Jalan Juruaudit U1/37
Section U1 Glenmarie
41050 Shah Alam
Tel: 03-5569 5898 / 016-251 5539

Location Map

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